The first 6 months

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The first 6 months

North Americans were suppose to stay home six months ago. It’s the first 6 months with the pandemic.

For most of us, we have not seen our colleagues many months and years. Many of us have not even seen many of our family members and friends in this first 6 months with the pandemic. We have not gone to outdoor functions, sporting events or concerts, or done lot of what was normal just six months ago.

Everything have changed within the first 6 month

It is remarkable that how much has turned up and down in so little time, both professionally and also personally. For an example my business, transformed into what felt like an instant.

On March 16th, I approached that Sticky Branding’s clients and said that, “We have been plunged into a recession, and you may experience the revenue declines of 30% to 50% in this year. We have to get ahead of this now!”

This was the start of called “Crisis Marketing”. At the same time, for a while, I reimagined my purpose, services, and why we exist.

I framed the services around two objectives:

I attached this with a need for speed. Traditional approach to strategic planning with the workshops, models and whiteboards, also offsite retreats, were not going to cut it when whole sections of the economy were suddenly shut down.

How to recover the customers, and also revenue taken by Corona pandemic.

How to slingshot the business out of the crisis. So that it is powerful than ever.
The pandemic situation empowered us to think differently and out of the box about the importance of strategy execution and strategic planning.

This situation was (and is) fluid. So we worked on the special strategy every single week.

I catch out with the leadership teams of each of the customers for one hour strategy huddle in every week. We work on the business, respond and analyze to both internal and external forces. And also emphasize accountability and the execution above all else.

Be Strong Enough to come out from the Crisis

It is a simple thing. In the crisis, speed and the strategy are everything.

The results of this have been phenomenal. I described that many of the customers’ outcomes in ebook, the Crisis Marketing. Each and every client worked to act fast, thrive and adapt faster.

It has not all been easy and simple, but I am so proud of the accomplishments. Also the achievements of the Sticky Branding’s customers have achieved in the first six months of the corona pandemic. The work that they have done, has helped them to avoid layoffs, launch new services, grow the brands and capture market share.

We are facing a new set of challenges and difficulties, as we enter the fall. Globally there are signs of a second wave with the possibility of the new lockdowns and the shelter in place orders.

Fortunately, we are not operating blindly anymore. You have the data and experience from the first 6 months. Knowing about what you know present day, what should you do differently if there is a second wave?

There is not “New Normal.” Nothing about this year can be framed as usual. But you can determine that how you will go forward with fast moving world. The steps and actions that you take today, if not years to come, it will shape the business for months.

Crisis Marketing – The First 6 months

The Sticky Branding works with you to recover the clients and the revenue taken by Corona pandemic. And also to develop the strategy to come out of this crisis powerful than ever. If you are interested, make sure to check out the Crisis Marketing services.

Crisis marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage the brand in crisis?

By using a special software that monitors your brand that mentions for potential crisis is a good place to start. Seriously not taking a risk is one of the fastest paths to ensure that it effects on damaging to your brand. Actually, the news does not have to be fabricated to spread as wildfire.

Which company has the best management of crisis?

The Tylenol’s response is regarded as one of the best crisis management strategies in the past. In fact, according to the “RETRO REPORT” on YouTube, it has created the script and vision that corporations still use present day. Usually the media praised that J&J for its actions in handling the situation and giving the helping hand to the Tylenol brand recover. To get more details about this go through this: Crisis Management

Where was the first case of the corona virus observed?

The first human cases of Corona pandemic, the disease caused by the novel corona virus causing the covid 19. Subsequently named as SARS-CoV-2 were first reported by officials in Wuhan City in China, December in 2019.

The retrospective investigations by Chinese authorities have identified that human cases with onset of symptoms in early December in 2019. While some of the earliest known human cases had a link to the wholesale food market in Wuhan, and some did not. To get more information, go through this : First Case of Corona Virus

Can masks prevent and protect the transmission of Corona Virus Spreading?

The masks should be used as the part and parcel of a comprehensive strategy of measures to the suppress transmission and save lives. And also the use of a mask alone is not enough to provide an adequate level of protection against Corona Virus. To get more information about this : Protection from Corana Virus

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