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While everyone’s scared and distracted during the Corona pandemic, should you stop the selling? No never! Don’t stop selling, because an empty pipeline will put you out of the business eventually. Try to think positively and don’t stop selling.

But the path that you sell wants to shift, because this is not “ a business at usual” , for the next few more months, and likely it may be longer.

Let’s explore how can you sell to moving into the possible second wave and how to change your mindset strongly. This applies whether you are the one who selling, or if you have one or more members in your team, doing sales for your business.

This will not be easy and simple thing, but there is a hope ahead. Not everyone or everything will succeed, but you can try and secure your agency’s future with a good clear plan, executed well with the support from all the team memebers of your team.

The companies hit hard during the lockdown period. And have to work hard to rise above that emergency situation. Your situation is not impossible, but you have a rough and hard road ahead. Let’s review the sales checklist now.

In the present day, success requires a mishmash of strong mindset, strategy, iteration, tactics, accountability. I believe the fact that, the powerful leaders will encourage their teams to act with empathy. And also they are trained to take a long-term perspective, and focus on serving the audience in everyone’s time of need.

1) Accept that this won’t be traditional sales.

No matter what you are doing, everyone is distracted. Now more than ever, your company’s sales and marketing messages are low in the list of your prospects’ priorities. Your efforts should not immediately resonate, but if you do not take any action, failure is guaranteed and always remember it.

2) Your customer is the “Hero”. You are the “Helper”. So, Don’t stop selling

We all are the heros of our own lives, but right now, more than ever your job is making your customers the Hero. You, as the Helper, your company is there to help your customers reach their goals and to accomplish their hopes. And this helps you to reach your goals and targets correctly.

3) Commit to the long-term sales mindset.

Are you going to be long-term or helpful and patient? On the other hand, are you going to be short-term, transactional and desperate?
You have to build up your mindset as long term and helpful.

Sales tips
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4) Practice the patience, compassion, and empathy

This is about the clarifying your sales and business philosophy. And also sharing it with your team members. Everyone is distracted, and some people are ill or they have colleagues or relatives, who have died.

5) Secure and save your emergency sales.

Always understand your current selling pipeline, including the inventory of positive and active prospects (and also the true status of each one that covid 19 pandemic is happening). This needs to do some adjustments.

6) Pay attention to invest in your current clients

The clients most likely to spend money than the new people, so make sure that you do not ignore your current clients. You are suppose to pay attention on them. Each and every account you retain that is an account you do not have to replace.

Ask, rather than leading with the up-sell. Also ask about where they are struggling, and then listen carefully and actively. Look forward different paths to use their current budge to give helping hand for them to solve their problems.

Sales tips
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7) Make a re-engagement campaign

This category includes many prospects who said that “No” and prospects that disappeared into “the Abyss.” They are not more likely to convert now, but it is worth a try. Why is it? Some of “lost” prospects will not be glad with their current options. And some of prospects that ghosted you before will suddenly have emergency wants today.

8) Create a high value offer for cold selling outreach.

I am not a huge fan of cold selling outreach, but now it’s may be the time for you to start if your inbound pipeline is not strong enough. Remember that Charles Kirkland’s point about the urgency of selling a “painkiller” except a “vitamin.”

What is the next? This will not be easy and simple thing, but you are suppose to start sooner than later. Best of Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does product selling me?

Product selling means as to any performance period, the Company’s sales are generated from the sale of products to the third parties. And also determined in accordance with usually accepted accounting principles. To get more information go through this: Product sales definition

What are the selling skills?

The selling skills that elevate the professionals to win many opportunities including this type like; understanding needs, planning and strategizing, driving consensus, positioning value, storytelling, presenting effectively, negotiating to close and selling with the teams.

Why is the selling important in marketing?

Usually the selling is one of the most persuative forms of promotion a company has. So, persuading prospects to make purchases is a cliche for the objective of sales. This is accomplished by the sales people who genuinely take their interest in prospects, listen to their necessity. And also make the honest product or service that are the best match. To get further ddetails go through this: Importance of selling

What is the purpose of the product selling?

Purpose and the goal of selling is, to help the customers that they make satisfying, buying decisions with the goals of creating ongoing, beneficial relationships with them. Discuss which technologies and trends help the businesses with the customer management.

There are 7 key selling tips that you should develop as a sales expert. They are establishing rapport, identifying needs, presenting solutions, prospecting, and answering objections. Also closing the sale and getting referrals and resales.

What does a good seller means?

The great sellers are able to understand why they sell the product and how it will usually help their customers. And also resulting in a natural selling experience and process. The most effective sales people lead with the clear mindset of need to help versus wanting to selling. Always think about who you should be selling to, your Customer’s Goals and Sell Value.

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