Review of the Creative T60: Outstanding Desktop Speakers

Review of the Creative T60

Figure of Review of the Creative T60

The T60 speakers from Creative are excellent in every way

Creative T60

The Creative T60 desktop speakers have a ton of convenient features, including good sound quality, a wide range of connectivity options, and EQ settings that can be adjusted using the coordinating desktop app. They won’t dazzle you with their daring style, but they deliver when it counts.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity?: 5.0
  • Input Type: 3.5mm aux, USB Type-C
  • Dimensions: Left Speaker: 5.79 x 3.62 x 7.84 inches; Right Speaker: 6.18 x 3.62 x 7.84 inches
  • Brand: Creative
  • Power: 30W RMS, 60W peak
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C, USB Type-A, Aux, Bluetooth
  • Colors: Black


  • numerous options for connectivity
  • Good SmartComms and Clear Dialog across the board
  • Several alterations via the Creative App


  • The bass is lacking, and there is no subwoofer.
  • A minor quibble: the power adapter cable is too short.

Review of the Creative T60: Every time a Creative product appears on the review bench, it is exciting because the company has a long history in the audio hardware industry. The Creative T60 desktop speakers are exactly what they sound like a set of reasonably attractive speakers that can be placed on any desk, anywhere. The T60 speakers’ design may not be ground-breaking, but some of the technology they contain. Such as Clear Dialog and SmartComms, as well as the numerous connections, including Bluetooth and USB Type-C, are unquestionably noteworthy.

Innovative T60 Specs and Style

As mentioned earlier, the Creative T60’s style isn’t its primary selling point. The T60 speakers are two black rectangular boxes with a different color for each cone, and they are a fairly standard design. The volume control dial, the power/mode switch, the speaker/headphone switch, the Clear Dialog button, and several other buttons with LED indicators are all located on the front of the right speaker.

The left speaker is slightly smaller in size at 5.79 x 3.62 x 7.84 inches, while the right speaker is marginally bigger at 6.18 x 3.62 x 7.84 inches. Each speaker can produce 30W RMS, rising to 60W at peak, which isn’t bad at all. Two 2.75″ full-range drivers are responsible for the audio.

The T60s also features Creative’s BasXPort technology. But this falls short of expectations. According to Creative, this technology “enhances the bass to reproduce rich and deep tones, eliminating the need for a subwoofer.” I will return to this shortly. The power cable’s length is one minor problem. Even though I am aware that most people aren’t seated at desks made from eight-person dining room tables, the 1.5-meter cable length isn’t much to work with. However, It’s important to keep in mind if you intend to place these on the bookshelf above your desk or elsewhere.

Intelligent SmartComms

It’s worth giving Creative’s SmartComms technology some thought if you haven’t done so already. When making and receiving calls, automatically detecting and adjusting your volume levels, pausing your audio, and more, SmartComms comes in really handy.

SmartComms VoiceDetect effectively mutes and unmutes your microphone when a microphone is plugged into the T60 speakers. This feature is very helpful for people who still work from home or who have hybrid jobs that still require daily Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings. Additionally, SmartComms has NoiseClean technology, which does exactly what its name implies: it purifies the sound in your immediate surroundings. Therefore, NoiseClean will make an effort to remove as much background noise as possible when you take a call. Even better, it actually works to block out the computer fans, police sirens, and howling dogs of the people you’re on the phone with.

Connections on the Creative T60

The Creative T60 excels in a number of areas, including connectivity. These speakers can be connected to a laptop, smartphone, desktop computer, projector, games console, or anything else you need sound from using Bluetooth, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, or a 3.5mm jack. The Creative T60 is a useful addition to any home, let alone any desk because it offers such a variety of connection options.

Review of the Creative T60

The cabled inputs, which also have separate 3.5mm inputs for your headphones and a microphone, are located at the back of the right speaker. Although the USB rear input requires a Type-C connection, the box includes a useful USB Type-C to Type-A adapter. Not least because not every desktop or laptop has an easily accessible USB Type-C port, the inclusion of this adapter is really useful for switching between devices.

Connecting to the T60 speakers via Bluetooth adds another angle for your devices. If you don’t want to drape a cable across your desk to connect to your smartphone, hook it up using Bluetooth 5.0 instead. It’s not a mind-blowing innovation (it’s just Bluetooth, right), but having the extra option is handy when you have multiple devices around you that you might want to switch between.

T60 Sound Quality by Creative

How loudly can the two 2.75″ drivers on the Creative T60 actually produce sound? Is the audio quality commensurate with speakers that bear the Creative name?

Review of the Creative T60

It’s actually a mixed bag. Because the T60 doesn’t come with a subwoofer, many people immediately assume the worst. Sadly, those suspicions came to pass because the T60 falls short on the low end of the scale. Even though BasXPort is included, the low end output is not quite as good as it could be. However, expecting respectable bass from speakers this size is also unrealistic.

The T60 speakers produce good, crisp, and clear audio overall, with a distinct mid-range. You’ll get good audio coverage from a variety of genres if you place the speakers evenly spaced around your desk. I can say without a doubt that I wasn’t let down by them, but occasionally you get the impression that some of your favorite songs are missing.

The Clear Dialog button on the Creative T60 speakers is excellent for watching movies or listening to podcasts. You’ve probably wondered “why on earth is everyone mumbling in this picture?” while watching shows and movies. The Clear Dialog button on the front of the speaker seeks out and elevates spoken word, enhancing voices in the mix despite problems with contemporary film audio production. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself occasionally reaching for this small but effective change.

Utilize the Creative App to Personalize Your EQ

If you do want to tinker with the EQ on the Creative T60. Creative has made the necessary tools available through its Creative App. You can customize the T60 EQ using the Creative App. Which is available for Windows and macOS. While it might not able to take the place of that subwoofer under your desk, Adjusting the bass from the default EQ settings does make a difference to your audio experience, so it’s worthwhile to give the low end a little more oomph.

Personalize Your EQ
Personalize Your EQ
Personalize Your EQ

The SmartComms Kit settings can found in the Creative App as well. From here, you can change the VoiceDetect level. The NoiseClean level for both incoming and outgoing audio, and whether you want to just let everything auto-adjust. It should note that the Creative App required a firmware update in order to function properly. Update the T60 speakers’ firmware if the Creative App advises you to.

What Desktop Audio Quality Can the Creative T60 Speakers Deliver?

The Creative T60 desktop speakers, which are currently available for $90, are a good addition to any desk. They won’t dazzle you with their amazing, striking style. The T60 makes up for its lack of style with connectivity options, and having Creative’s SmartComms technology is another plus for these desktop speakers. The T60 speakers are a great pair of desktop speakers that won’t break the bank when you consider their completely acceptable sound quality.


Do Creative speakers perform well?

For only $40, Creative’s straightforward speakers offer impressive sound quality and convenience, but they aren’t the only inexpensive speakers available. There are many alternatives in that price range with features that you might find more crucial.

Do inventive speakers have Bluetooth technology?

With our extensive selection of expertly crafted home theater soundbar systems, 2.0 desktop speakers, and wireless Bluetooth® speakers, you can take your audio enjoyment to the next level, one song at a time.

Is the Creative T100 a good gaming laptop?

I’m happy to report that the T100 speakers from Creative did a great job of filling the void in my gaming computer. Both for video games and music, they look good and sound even better, and they reasonably priced.

Is the bass on the imaginative Pebble good?

These tiny speakers deliver a powerful sound and have numerous connectivity options, including USB-C and Bluetooth, for connecting to your computer or another audio source. At around $40. They are reasonably priced. The overall sound is excellent for the price, especially for vocals, despite the fact that they don’t have much bass.

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