Top Home Improvement Tasks to Add to Your To-Do List for Spring

Home Improvement

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Home Improvement: With these inside and outside of the home preparation suggestions, get your house ready for the warmer weather. To cross things off your spring maintenance checklist, either do it all yourself or hire a professional.

Verify the walkway, fences, and railings

Driveways, railings, and fences may suffer damage from the winter weather. Check your home for sagging railings, paying special attention to those at the stairs, which may offer a little more support than usual during the slick winter months. Take extra care with railings anchored in concrete as these can expand and crack in freezing temperatures. Analyze sidewalks and driveways for any cracks or unevenness that could pose a tripping risk. Additionally, check over fences to see if any repairs require due to events like impacts from snowblowers or a prolonged period of wind blowing on deteriorated materials.

Refresh Windows

Home Improvement

Your home will protect from the summer heat by your windows by adding weather stripping, repainting, and fixing cracked glass. Spring is a good time to buy new, energy-efficient windows if you’re ready for a change. Try replacing window coverings indoors with ones that offer the home greater energy savings, such as honeycomb shades (cellular shades), which block solar heating while still allowing for natural light.

Clean the Gutters and Roof

Home Improvement

The creators of ATL Handyman, Rooster, and Travis, advise checking the roof for any accumulations of leaves or other debris. “Blowing leaves away with a leaf blower can help you avoid costly leaks and repairs because leaves have a tendency to retain moisture, which is bad for your roof.” Check the gutters while you’re up there for any obstructions, disconnected sections, holes, or other damage that might prevent them from working effectively during a downpour.

Start remodeling your kitchen.

Home Improvement

The best time to start a kitchen remodel, according to Jeff Koenig, owner of LaBonte Construction, is right now. People spend more time outside of their homes in the spring and summer. When they’re eating out or cooking on the grill, having their kitchen unavailable is less disruptive to their lifestyle, according to Koenig.

Enhance Outdoor Lighting

Even though the days are growing longer, outdoor lighting is more crucial than ever as you move your activities outside. Replace any burned-out bulbs or solar lights that can no longer hold a charge by inspecting the existing outdoor lighting fixtures in the yard and around the house (don’t forget the garage). Make sure the motion-detecting lights are working as well. For maximum safety during the night, think about installing lighting along walkways and drop-offs like front steps or landscape edges. Additionally, updating existing fixtures with a new design can improve curb appeal.

Repaint and stain the outside

Home Improvement

Spring is a great time for painting and staining projects, whether you’re painting and staining your deck or giving your entire house a new look. According to Erin Bovenzi, associate brand manager for Valspar, “the weather is usually warming up but hasn’t quite reached those hot summer temps, giving homeowners ideal conditions to finish a paint or stain project outside.”

“Trees and shrubbery are just beginning to bloom in the spring, which reduces the likelihood that landscaping and foliage will be in the way of our exterior projects,” says one pro of painting in this season. Bovenzi also points out that more homeowners start relisting their homes in the spring, and a nice exterior can help raise the home’s value.

Maintain the air conditioner

air conditioner

In the summer, both air conditioners and AC technicians put in long hours. Koenig advises having your air conditioner serviced early rather than later, when service rates are higher and wait times are longer, to avoid the busy season. Condenser coils must be cleaned, coolant must be checked, and defective parts and air filters must be replaced as part of a comprehensive AC tune-up. This how-to manual will assist you in performing a thorough DIY seasonal cleaning on window AC units.

Outdoor Irrigation Setup

Irrigation Setup

The two at ATL Handyman advise that spring is the ideal time to turn on outdoor water once more and carefully inspect any systems that depend on it. Check sprinkler and irrigation systems, and replace or fix any cracked or leaky hoses or spigots.

Rooster and Travis advise checking for water leaks and possibly burst pipes because water freezes during the winter. Check that all automatic timers and scheduling mechanisms are operational before ensuring that all sprinkler heads are in place, undamaged, and operating as intended.

Organize your post-spring cleaning

spring cleaning

A lot of minor home maintenance tasks include in spring cleaning, and it’s a great time to check that everything is in working order. Setting up a cleaning schedule as the final step of your spring cleaning process advise by Lela Burris of Organized-ish to maintain that momentum throughout the entire year. According to Burris, less frequent tasks like cleaning the refrigerator or wiping baseboards can place on a rotating biweekly or monthly schedule.

Basic cleaning tasks like dusting, sweeping, and decluttering should be added to the schedule weekly. She further advises beginning spring cleaning in the master bedroom. After a long day of working on other spaces, “it gives you a relaxing place to crash,” she claims.

Repair harmed screens

harmed screens

Screens on windows and doors keep insects and other debris outside so you can let fresh air into your house. However, they are easily harmed by pet claws, muscles that have become tense over time, and even some hungry insects. Check your screens and make any necessary repairs or replacements before the first warm spring day. Installing porch screens in the spring will also enhance outdoor entertaining.

Surfaces with Power-Wash

Your home’s exterior will refresh for the season with a good power wash. It’s a quick way to remove salt and grime that accumulates throughout the winter. Driveways, concrete pavers, decks, and siding are just a few of the surfaces that can power wash.

Update or Install Ceiling Fans

Installations of ceiling fans are a typical springtime request for ATLHandyman. In addition to providing a quick and simple style update, fans get a room ready for summer’s heat. Additionally, fans help a home save energy by creating a windchill effect that makes it feel cooler than it actually is. Check to see that the fan, if you have one, is spinning in the appropriate direction.

Install Ceiling Fans

Engage in outdoor landscaping

While maintaining your yard and garden is a year-round task, revitalizing your landscaping after a period of cold, wet weather requires some special skill. Pruning, planting, and fertilizing are a few of the tasks involved in getting the yard ready. To ensure that you don’t miss a beat, this spring gardening checklist arrange from early to late spring. Clear the area around the AC unit while you’re outside to ensure it operates as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Contact the mailbox


According to Koenig, one common springtime complaint is that mailboxes next to streets get severely damaged (or completely knocked down) during snow removal and collection. The area’s landscaping might also sustain damage. Make sure your mailbox is upright and sturdy, and the door opens and closes easily after the snow piles have been removed. If all else fails, consider creating a unique mailbox.


What components of your home require maintenance each year?

A home maintenance schedule is crucial for the maintenance of every home, much like a yearly physical. Maintaining regular inspections of your home’s exterior, furnishings, HVAC, plumbing, security, and electrical systems will help you avoid malfunctions, save money, and keep your house looking its best.

A maintenance checklist is what?

Maintenance Checklists: What Are They? Technicians use logbooks and maintenance checklists as tools to record equipment maintenance inspections. To ensure businesses can run without interruption, equipment maintenance entails a continuous process of checking, repairing, and servicing operating equipment.

What are some instances of regular property maintenance tasks?

Trash collection, snow removal, lawn care, sweeping and mopping, window cleaning, vacuuming hallways, and common areas, and groundskeeping are a few examples of routine maintenance repairs.

How frequently should you maintain your house?

quarterly home maintenance

It’s critical for homeowners to remember the bigger jobs that require attention every three months. These quarterly cleanups are essential to maintaining the indoor and outdoor functionality of your home, even though they are more difficult than the monthly chores.

A PM checklist: What is it?

The tasks that your technicians must complete during a maintenance checklist on a preventive maintenance checklist. Time-based (routine) and condition-based (non-routine) tasks will both be on a PM checklist, ensuring that critical issues are both prevented and fixed.

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