5 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Birthday Party

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Birthday Party

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Birthday Party

It’s About Them, Not You
Birthday parties are about the person celebrating the day they came into the world. They’re not about the person putting on the party. That’s a lot easier to conceive than to achieve. It’s a lot easier to say than to do. When you’re invested in an event you’ve put together, it’s hard not to put yourself in the center of that event. But with a birthday, you just can’t.

So what do you do? Well, here, we’ll explore five tips to help you throw a fine birthday party for someone. Hopefully, at minimum, these tips help get you started off in the right direction.
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1. Timing is Everything
Say you’re throwing a surprise party for your spouse when he comes home from work, a twelve-hour shift where nobody cared it was his birthday, and he had to get dirty as he physically exerted himself. Do you think he’s going to want to hobnob with friends and family for four or five hours after the shift, or get a beer and zone out in front of the TV?

Throw him a party, and he may pretend to enjoy it, but inside, he could be imploding emotionally. So get the timing right. Male, female, old, or young, there’s a time and place for everything.

2. Being There is Better Than Juggling Party Responsibilities
Don’t put too much on your party plate. If you make the party about you, not only are you too busy to spend time with the birthday guest, there’s a collaterally disingenuous quality to that. What makes more sense is designing birthday celebrations that are simple, straightforward, and allow you to step back and just let things happen.

3. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts
Obviously, you want to get good gifts for the guest of honor. Trinkets, art, toys, tools, snacks; all are good ideas. If you’re strapped for cash, wrap the birthday guest’s favorite treats individually and make a joke out of it. Be creative. Check out this link for more ideas on special birthday gifts that will make anyone’s birthday celebration one to remember.
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4. Guests: Sometimes You Want a Bunch, Sometimes a Few
You can have a knock-down blow-out surprise party, or a planned party that’s a big get-together. Or, the birthday celebration might just be you, a few of his or her best friends, and a cake. Again, it depends on the guest of honor. Don’t overwhelm or underwhelm them. You want to get the balance right.

5. Some People Really Live By “Less is More”
Look, not everybody is Hardcore Henry, every now and again you’ll meet a Hank Hill; a guy who legitimately derives pleasure from manual labor. Maybe the guest of honor at your party just wants to have a barbecue. Keep their temperament and preferences in mind.

A Birthday to Remember
Less is more, sometimes you want more guests, gifts are important, being there is better than being busy with managing the party, and timing is everything. Keep these things in mind, and whatever birthday celebration you throw will be received in the proper light.

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