12 reasons why an Amazon Prime membership is worth the $119 annual fee

12 reasons why an Amazon Prime membership is worth the $119 annual fee

12 reasons why an Amazon Prime membership is worth the $119 annual fee

We think Amazon Prime is value for money. Read on and find out why.

Ask “how much will you pay for Amazon Prime?” It’s kind of like asking how much you’ll pay to continue using Google. It is deeply rooted in our daily life and almost everywhere. We are used to almost immediate satisfaction, and it is difficult for many of us to price this convenience.

If you pay monthly, Amazon’s excellent members are $12.99 per month and excellent student members are $6.49 per month. For EBT and Medicaid holders, the additional discount will reduce the cost to $5.99 per month. Overall, the monthly fee paid for ordinary users will be about $37 higher than the annual fee within a year.

Is Amazon Prime worth $119?

In short, yes. J.P.Morgan estimates that your Amazon Prime membership is actually worth $785 a year.

For an annual fee of $119 or a monthly fee of $13, prime members can get a lot of benefits. These include one-day free delivery, free same-day shipping and two-hour free delivery (many of them), exclusive rewards and discounts, access to prime videos, prime music, online photo storage, music and books, and more than 20 other benefits.

As a prime member, you can also enjoy all kinds of benefits during Prime Day discounts. Prime Day discounts from new TV to Instant pots to Amazon Echo devices. For those who are not familiar with it, Amazon Prime Day is an annual sitewide savings activity of retail giants. Amazon prime day is specially held for Gold members. It happened from June 21 to 22 this year.

Admittedly, you may not use all the features included in your membership, but the price for convenience is worth it. If you are a student and/or have access to university email, you can save 50% of your annual or monthly fee on the Amazon Prime student website. You can also share your Amazon Premier and most benefits with family members through Amazon family to make your money more abundant. Even if none of this applies to you, it’s still a great investment in general.

In the end, most of us will pay a little more for the benefits we rely on upon without complaining too much. However, if you want to understand how you save and reassess costs, please check the breakdown below. If you’re not sure and haven’t made a leap, look at the 30 days free trial of Amazon Prime before deciding whether it’s worth the investment.

Here’s why Amazon Prime is still a huge value, even at $119 a year:

Shipping costs

Amazon Prime membership

The annual price and monthly price includes free one-day delivery of more than 10 million items without minimum purchase. If there is no Prime, if your order exceeds $25, you will receive free regular shipments without one day’s extra advantages.

One-day shipping (give or take two dollars) is usually about $10. If, as a Prime member, you place 11 orders under $25, the membership pays for it.

Although expedited transportation is an abnormal cost for most of us, it is an expensive cost. Prime’s same-day speed provided millions of items for 47 major urban areas, with orders exceeding $35.

On average, Amazon super members spend $1400 a year on the platform. Non-prime users spend slightly less than half of this figure ($600). But they may pay elsewhere, such as the cost of gasoline for in-store shopping, higher prices for goods from large retailers, and freight from other stores.

Video streaming services

Amazon Prime membership

A suspicious reason for the increase in annual fees in 2018 is that Amazon plans to invest a lot of money in its digital content, which is one of the best benefits for prime members.

Prime Video allows you to get streaming media from large movie and TV libraries (including Amazon originals content) for free and rent the latest version at a low price. Prime members can also subscribe to more than 100 channels (and pay only for the channels they want, which can save money without losing convenience), including HBO, Showtime, and CBS all access.

In addition, as streaming media competition intensifies, it may only get better.

Unlimited photo storage and sharing, as well as 5 GB of video and files

Amazon Prime membership

Amazon photos allow you to save and share unlimited full-resolution photos on your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet and share unlimited photo storage with up to five people. If you spend a few dollars a month to increase i-cloud storage space just to make room for photos on your phone, you can reduce costs and make full use of your membership. Video and file capacity will also reach 5 GB. Amazon photos are pre-installed on Amazon devices, so you can also view photos from fire TV and the Echo Show.

Share Prime benefits throughout the family at no additional cost

Amazon Prime membership

If you use it as a home, Amazon household is one of the easiest ways to see the return on investment of your prime membership. The personal data of two adults, up to four teenagers and four children can be linked in one “Household “, so that everyone in the family can enjoy the Prime benefits (free shipping, high-quality videos, Amazon photos, and sharing e-books, audiobooks, games, and Applications) at no additional cost. If you or your family members are cautious about using any of these features, this alone can make prime a good choice. Another benefit of linked accounts is that adults can approve orders before placing orders (for teenagers) and set up parental control over digital content (for children).

Prime exclusive rewards and discounts, such as prime day offers, lightning offers and reward credit cards with a 5% cash return

Amazon Prime membership

Prime membership also entitles you to many exclusive offers that are metaphorical among the other offers mentioned earlier.

The most influential in getting the Prime day deal, Amazon’s annual holiday earlier this year. If you miss it, don’t worry, you can also have exclusive access to the following:

Get the lightning transaction in advance:

before the lightning transaction is officially opened, prime members can get an additional 30 minutes to buy the lightning deals. Just look for the “prime early access” tab when purchasing the page.

Select discounts or rewards that have no-rush shipping in at checkout:

If you can wait a few more days for the order to arrive, you can get a reward when you buy later or get a discount immediately. Once your free non-urgent order is shipped, the reward will be automatically added to your account and automatically applied to eligible orders.

Incentive credit card without an annual fee or foreign exchange transaction fee:

Get a 5% rebate on amazon.com and the whole foods market, a 2% rebate on restaurants, gas stations, and pharmacies, and a 1% rebate on all other purchases. You can redeem points on Amazon, cash, gift cards, and travel.

The choice of trying on clothes at home before buying clothes

Amazon Prime membership

Prime Wardrobe allows you to try on and buy new styles at home. Choose three or more items in many of their lines. Try them on at home, and then decide what to keep and what to pay for. You have seven days to select. Once you decide, you can check it online. From there, use resealable boxes and prepaid shipping labels to return items you don’t need for free.

If you don’t often shop online, it may not save you a lot of money through your membership. However, if you have been plagued by a short return window and a busy schedule, “trial before purchase” is a good feature that can save money in the long run.

Access to Prime reading or Get access to books, magazines and comics

Amazon Prime membership

Prime members can access prime reading, which means they can choose up to 10 books at a time from more than 3000 options as an additional benefit of membership. Amazon first reads provides you with a free Kindle book selected by Amazon book editors every month. If you have children and find yourself spending a lot of money on children’s books, movies, TV programs, or educational applications and games, prime members can pay $2.99 a month for a child and $6.99 a month for a child of four, Amazon kids +, which gives members unlimited access to thousands of options. Start a trial here.

Parents can set controls such as time limits and content filters, and personalize each child’s profile experience. It can be used on fire tablets (books, videos, apps), echo (audio), Kindle e-book readers (Books), and Android phones and tablets (books, videos).

Free Amazon music streaming and discount Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Music is a major advantage of your Prime membership. It provides more and more than 2 million songs, playlists, and radio stations for you to listen to free and on-demand. If you want to expand your choice, Amazon Music Limited ($7.99 a month) has a larger music library with tens of millions of songs and podcasts that you can download to any device for offline listening. Depending on your preferences, Amazon music unlimited may be more cost-effective than popular options such as Spotify premium ($9.99/month). You can find an experiment here to determine which one is better for you in the end.

Save 50% on prime by accessing university.edu email or as a qualified customer with EBT or Medicaid card

Amazon Prime membership

If you can access the. Edu email but have not yet become a member of the email, you can try prime student for six months free, and then pay 50% less than other prime users (US $6.49 per month or US $59 per year) four years after the end of the trial period or your specified graduation date, whichever comes first. Prime also offers a discount ($5.99 per month) for eligible customers with EBT or Medicaid cards.

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