Best VR headsets to buy in 2021

Best VR headsets to buy

Best VR headsets to buy

PC, console, or something else? Oculus Quest task 2 or not? It totally depends on your profession, who you are, how much you want to spend and how long you can wait. In this article, we will be talking about the Best VR headsets to buy in 2021

The best VR headphones provide you with a way to jump out of reality and enter your favorite game world. To do this, it needs to provide high-definition visual effects, comfortable viewing effects, and a wide range of games. With all this, we tested valve, Oculus, HTC, HP, Samsung, and other top VR headphones to provide you with an authoritative guide to today’s best VR headphones.

The new version of Quest 2 doubled the storage space of the $299 model to 128GB. Also provided a silicone cover for the foam face piece earlier this year after a voluntary recall of a foam face cover due to skin irritation for a small number of customers. Already having Quest 2 owners can order a free silicone cover.

In the past year and a half, the distance between people is farther than ever before, and virtual reality presents different meanings. Virtual reality also has potential in the future, but it is still a fascinating alien in most people’s scientific and technological life. It is not yet a necessary social gathering place or workplace. It has become a great place for games. Oculus Quest 2 has become an ideal home VR console for VR lovers and one of my favorite places to play games. However, virtual reality technology is still changing and technology is also developing. The same goes for the virtual reality technology company that makes headphones.

Oculus Quest 2

Quest 2 is still our first choice, especially with the recent increase in storage capacity to 128GB on the $299 model. But to use it you need a Facebook account.

Now, virtual reality technology may be in a temporary calm state, which means that now may be a safe time to buy. There is an Oculus Quest Pro under development and a Playstation VR 2, but neither of these products will be available this year.

Virtual reality games are better than ever. From Valve’s virtual reality masterpiece half-life: ALYX to Star Wars: Squadron and more PC games, as well as a large number of Oculus Quest and Playstation virtual reality games. But you still need to decide whether you want a headset that can be plugged into a PC or console. Or choose a separate option, such as Quest (it can also be used as a PC Headset).

There will be more changes. Companies such as Qualcomm, which produces chips in most stand-alone VR headphones, including the new Quest 2, are producing new chips that will launch a batch of better stand-alone headphones at a lower price, including headphones plugged into mobile phones. The more expensive and commercially targeted Vive focus 3 shows the development direction of more high-quality independent VR headphones.

Best VR headsets to buy

At the same time, mobile virtual reality headphones and mobile-based virtual reality headphones, such as Samsung Gear virtual reality and Google Daydream, have largely disappeared. Many of the current iPhone, Android, and VR application options do not even work with old mobile VR goggles. If smartphone-based virtual reality reappears, mobile headphones will be more likely to appear in the form of small headphones, which can be inserted into the phone through USB-C for virtual reality content, virtual reality games, and other purposes.

If you are a PC gamer, a solid gaming PC connected to a virtual reality headset will provide the most versatile software collection, let you experience the immersive virtual reality experience, and let you use the headset for creative and business tools. Note that more powerful virtual reality systems will still be mainly connected to desktops or laptops, while PC virtual reality headphones may require external sensors, so they may not be the best choice for everyone.

What about the game console? If you have a PS4, the aging Playstation VR is still very interesting. Mainly because this device has more VR game options than you think. But remember, when Playstation 5 is used with PSVR, it needs an older PS4 controller and PS4 camera to work. You may want to wait for the next generation PSVR 2 (not this year).

Augmented reality headphones and mixed reality headphones are not ready for daily use. Therefore a solid virtual reality headphone is the best choice for you to escape to other worlds at the same time. Read on to find out which provides you with the best virtual reality experience. We will update it regularly, but please note that the price may change.

Best VR headsets to buy in 2021- Oculus Quest 2

24 oculus quest 2

Good: independent and wireless; Great touch controller; Comfortable game design; Also used as a PC VR headset.

Bad: Facebook account required.

Oculus Quest 2 costs $300 and requires nothing else to provide virtual reality games and immersive virtual reality experience anywhere. It’s faster, smaller, cheaper, and more comfortable than the original Quest. But you have to log in to Facebook to use it. The latest version has a storage capacity of 128GB, which fixes one of its biggest shortcomings (no scalable storage).

Quest 2 reminds me of Nintendo’s switch because of its versatility and fun. In addition, it only takes a few seconds to start, and it is very suitable for people wearing glasses. The standalone virtual reality headset has independent motion tracking and full-motion six degrees of freedom (also known as 6DOF) virtual reality controller, which is the same as Oculus Rift on PC. In addition, there is a surprisingly high-resolution display and built-in speaker. The application can be downloaded directly to the onboard memory of the standalone headset. Its more limited mobile processors can still play games well, such as Beat Saber, Moss, and SuperHot VR. If you like, it can even connect to a PC through a USB-C cable.

Facebook stopped Oculus Rift S, so now Quest 2 is the best and only choice for Oculus VR. But PC VR users have many other headphone options. Read Oculus Quest 2 review.

Best VR headsets to buy in 2021-HP Reverb G2

hp reverb g2 9


Advantages: very clear high-resolution display, great audio, comfortable design

Bad: mediocre controller

If you want the best image quality in consumer virtual reality, HP’s latest virtual reality headphones will win. For serious players (or virtual reality racing SIM fans), this virtual reality technology may be your best choice. In this price range, the resolution of each eye is 2160×2160 and the field of view is 114 degrees. It is the best. The lightweight, comfortable headset is also equipped with a great drop-down speaker designed by Valve.

Technically speaking, it is a Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality Headset, which is more likely to enter Microsoft’s native windows 10 virtual ecosystem, but it connects with a steam virtual reality system and is also applicable to these games and applications. Room tracking based on the built-in camera is easier to set than the external base station of valve index, but it is more prone to tracking errors. The included controller is based on Microsoft’s VR controller design, which is bulkier than the Oculus touch controller or valve index controller. In addition, in-ear speakers are your only audio option: no headphone jack. Reverb G2 is regarded as a sim racing peripheral.

Best VR headsets to buy in 2021-Valve Index

26 valve

Good: Amazing futuristic controller; High-quality headphones; Work with Vive hardware.

Bad: expensive; Room setting and mooring cables are required.

Valve’s headset may be the most interesting PC virtual reality experience this year, just because of its new controller. The “Knuckle” controller of the Valve is pressure sensitive and can track all five fingers, making them almost like gloves. At present, few applications can make full use of these functions, but the hardware of Valve is mix-and-match 

compatible with HTC Vive, which is also built on the Steam VR platform. The index headset has excellent audio and a clear wide-field display.

The index uses external lighthouse boxes, which means you need to set these boxes in the room first. It’s not as self-sufficient as Oculus’s Rift S. It can track rooms through headphone cameras or HTC Vive Cosmos. It’s definitely not wireless, but if you already have some Vive hardware, you can add index parts to mix and match. Read Valve index comments.

Best VR headsets to buy in 2021-Sony PlayStation VR

44 sony playstation vr 2016

Good: lots of games; Lower price; Suitable for many PS4 controllers, such as Dualshock and move.

Bad: the resolution is not the most advanced; Sony has not yet produced an excellent virtual reality controller to match its competitors, but it may launch a new version next year.

Sony’s multi-year-old PSVR headset is still the only head-mounted display on the game console, and its screen still provides an amazing immersive experience. Even better, this tethered headset usually costs as little as $200, sometimes with games. But Sony confirmed that if you are willing to wait, it is developing the next generation of PSVR headphones (with a new controller) for the PS5, which may be available in 2022. At the same time, Sony has (and will continue to) launch many excellent virtual reality games, many of which are exclusive products. You only need PSVR and Playstation 4 to start playing. (here are some good games.) Compared with other games, this virtual reality system shows its era. Moreover, although the new PS5 can be used with the old PSVR, it needs the old PS4 controller, camera, and camera adapter to work. Read Sony Playstation VR review.

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