What is EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle?

What is EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle?

What is EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle?

Do you know that the EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle ? Let’s explore more on that through this article.

EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle

Finding out the EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle

Van travel and van camping have always been popular, but Airstream’s Interstate Grand Tour EXT  raises the bar for over-the-road luxury without requiring a huge Class-A motor home. With the Grand Tour EXT, the only compromise you’ll have to make is where you’ll stay at the end of your adventure. Maybe you won’t make the switch. So, you can experience the EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle.

Aside from customizing a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B recreational vehicle, Airstream’s touring coaches are the most luxurious production Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B recreation vehicles available. Other Sprinter-based campers, such as RoadTrek and PleasureWay’s flagship E-Trek with a 470-watt rooftop solar panel, are admirable, but Airstream ticks off more boxes on the “don’t-you-wish-you-had-it?” list.

Every Mercedes-Benz safety technology available for the Sprinter comes standard on Airstream’s Sprinter-based vans, including front and rear parking assist, lane keeping assist, blind spot assist, collision prevention aid, and more. The vehicle has cameras on the back and sides, and when the engine is turned on, the rear camera image is always displayed on a monitor in the driver’s cockpit.

The Sprinter 3500 Extended chassis has the driving characteristics of a significantly smaller vehicle. The 3.0-liter V6 BlueTEC turbo diesel engine produces 185 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque while still giving an estimated 18 miles per gallon – nearly twice as much as many class A motor homes.

The Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT

The Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT has a length of 24 feet and 4.5 inches. The interior height is little under 6 feet and 8 inches tall. It has a fuel capacity of 24.5 gallons and can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

The Interstate has a load-adaptive electronic stability program (ESP) and trailer stability aid to assist with driving and towing. Choose the optional air ride suspension with automated electronically adjusted ride height for the most comfort and driveability in motion. Because the air ride suspension and optional four-wheel drive are in limited supply, you may have to seek around for these extra features.

The driver and co-pilot sit in the front seats of the Grand Tour EXT model. The Lounge EXT has four front seats, while the Grand Tour features a larger galley with more counter space, a larger refrigerator and freezer, a working desk immediately behind the swivel driver’s seat, and additional storage.

The Grand Tour EXT has twin beds or a power sofa that transforms to a queen-size bed in the back of the vehicle. While on the road, both variants provide additional seating. A bathroom with a basin and mirror, toilet, shower, and retractable clothes line is also available.

Combination electric and LP water heating, a 12-volt and 110-volt refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, Corian counters and backsplash, LPG generator, two 12-volt deep cycle coach batteries, a 50-amp charge, 1,000-watt inverter, 30-amp/110-volt shore power, and even a 100-watt solar panel on the roof are all included in the standard equipment list.

Windshield wipers and headlights operate on their own. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, an LP gas detector, and a fire extinguisher are included with every Airstream.

A power entry step and a footless 19-foot motorised awning with adjustable LED lighting are included. Additional LED patio lighting, an LP grill hookup, and cable or satellite outlets can be found on the exterior.

The base price of the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT is $156,611. Additional options, such as the $7,500 air ride suspension, can increase the retail price to about $170,000.

To be sure, that’s a lot of money, but this highly driveable and appealing van blends Airstream luxury and quality with Mercedes-Benz luxury and quality for adventurous travel. You could find it difficult to justify any other dwelling with the suitable trailer to tow a two-door Wrangler and two smaller dual-sport motorcycles (staying under 5,000 pounds).

So, now you know about the EXT from Airstream as a luxury vehicle and how you can enjoy it. Hope this will help for you for the better life experience.

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