Top-ranked banks in Texas

Top-ranked banks in Texas

Top-ranked banks in Texas

The best banks in Texas are with so many facilities, offered the easiest and convenient approach with fair account minimums and fees and good interest rates in the banking industry. In this article, we will discuss some of the “Top-ranked banks in Texas” which provide the best banking experience for the customers.

How to find out theTop-ranked banks in Texas ?

To get the results of the top best banks in Texas, SmartAsset’s team of personal finance experts listed the best 20 banks in the country according to the number of bank branches. According to the number of bank branches in the state, they have selected the banks with the highest branches as the best national and regional banks separately. To find the top individual accounts, we checked each bank account’s contributions like fees, minimums, and interest rates.

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Ally Bank (Listed as a top savings account)

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Ally Bank is a bit modernized including mobile and web-based banks compared to a branch centric bank. Due to the less operating costs than many of its peers, ally has the ability to offer 0.50%APY on saving accounts which is about 10x the national average. If you are searching for a checking account to go with this, you can create a checking account with Ally. If your checking account’s minimum daily balances are below or above $15000 get 0.10% and 0.25% APY’s, consequently.

One of Ally’s great specialities is that it is free from monthly fees and minimum opening deposits. This is the best opportunity for everyone, as it gives easy access to everyone including the fresh starters to save. In addition to these accounts, Ally offers you a money market account (MMA), certificates of deposit (CDs) and individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

 The customers who are willing to open an account in Ally should have the ability to access their accounts freely via the bank’s website and mobile apps. Ally mobile app has an average rating of 4.35 stars out of 5 in the Apple and Android apps stores. Using these online and mobile platforms apps you are able to check your account balance, history of transactions and money transfer via Zelle and many more. More to that Ally has joined with a point ATM network, so any customer can use ATM up to 55,000 fee-free for their use. And Ally will refund up to $10 for each payment cycle for any fees charges at network out of ATMs.

Wells Fargo (Best national bank with highest branches in Texas)

WellsFargo logo

The availability of a bank can attract many customers. If you are in need of the assistance of a bank or ATM every time, you will look for a bank with many branches near you. Wells Fargo is one of the best banks in Texas with over 640 branches and 1200 ATMs. It also works on 39 other dates and Washington, D.C.  This bank additionally provides you with their services via online and mobile, so you have access to your account anywhere in the world virtually.

 Wells bank is a huge bank in the banking industry as it provides you with a number of accounts such as two saving accounts, three CD types, five checking accounts and retirement accounts. Thus there is an account called a Teen checking account,  so your teens are also able to experience how to manage money along with you. So, you can access any bank account from one place.

 Although it is a big bank, they are unable to provide you highest saving accounts. The lowest rate you can go to is 0.01%. If you want to earn at the highest rate open a long term CD.

BBVA(The best regional bank)

BBVA Logo new

If you are searching for the best regional bank with so many facilities BBVA is best to go with you. BBVA started in Alabama, but it’s mostly developed in Texas since the 1980s. In Texas, you can find BBVA with over 340 branches. Not locally you have an approach to BBVA and Allpoint ATMs.

BBVA provides different kinds of bank accounts such as four different checking accounts, two savings accounts, a money market account and four different CD terms. These varieties of accounts make it easy for the customer to find the best account for them. they can check the right one for them whether it is a 36-month CD or free checking account or both. Out of a number of BBVA accounts, most accounts don’t have minimum requirements and monthly fees. If they have fees or minimums, they will provide wide access for each account keeping amounts low. And they will also give a service called MoneyFit which provides you financial advice and tips as a help for their customer.

BBVA has a checking account with a fairly average  0.01%APY for interest-earning checking accounts. Thus 36-month CD  comes with the highest rate of 0.05% APY.

CIT bank savings builder account (For perfect savings account rate)

CIT Bank Logo

If you don’t have much money but want to save money, the best bank suits for you is CIT. CIT bank saving builder account provides you with a minimum deposit of $100. If your monthly deposit is at least $100, you will achieve CIT’s high end 0.40% savings APY. If your account has a balance of over $25000,  you can automatically earn this rate. Accounts that don’t come under these categories will earn 0.28%APY.

If you are flexible with a bank without any branches, CIT suits you. Every bit of your account’s information will carry via Apple and Android apps or its online banking websites. It will also give you a chance to transfer funds between CIT accounts, deposit checks remotely or scans any of your digital statements and account histories at any time.

As CIT’s leading product is the Savings Builder account, over 15 other CDs and saving accounts available in it. Find them below in the list

  • Money market account
  • Premier High-Yield saving account
  • 6-month to 5-year term CDs
  • 2-years to 5-year jumbo CDs
  • 1-year to4-year “RampUp” CDs
  • NO- Penalty/11- month CD

Capital One; 360 Performance Savings (Ranked for best savings account rate)


Capital one 360 performance savings also provide the best rates without any monthly fees and balance minimums. Open a 360 performance saving account to enjoy its amazing facilities. You can earn 0.40%APY from 360 Performance savings and 0.30% APY from kids saving accounts. In addition to this earn more with saving accounts. They offer nine different CD terms from 6-60 months, each hold with the best interest rate.

 Frost Bank (Rank for customer service)

In a customer satisfaction study by J.D Power,  Frost bank won the best score for overall satisfaction out of all the other banks in Texas. This achievement is due to a number of factors. Mainly its openness to its customers about the advantages and fees of their accounts.  Frost offers 24 hours customer services, when you contact any service number you can get your service done soon. If you want to have frequent updates about your account, you can request a representative to contact you soon concerning your bank account. Would you like to have a face to face discussion with your bank? Frost opens for you over 145 branches everywhere in Texas such as in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas etc. Frost come with more additional services like organizing financial workshops and providing resources to the community.

 You will tend to open an account in Frost if you check Frost bank accounts which offers bank charges at low fees, for affordable amounts. In addition to this, every student needs to pay $4 for a month to open a checking account in Frost. Frost’s saving account acts better than the industry average either through a CD, savings or money market account.

Capital One ( Best free checking account plus high-yield checking account)

Not all the people in the U.S can get the advantages from Capital one branches. Texas residents can open a bank account or deposits money even having a tasty latte. Are you wondering about how that could be? Because Texas residents have an approach to capital one over 100 places even including capital one cafes. Moreover capital one advances its service with kids savings and money teen checking accounts enabling its facilities to the young generation.

Capital one provides its service in a wide range. Capital one 360 suite provides some of the perfect bank accounts in the banking industry. For beginners, it offers the capital one 360 checking account. It is a perfect free checking account without any monthly maintenance fee or any minimum balance requirement. So you can use your accounts freely without any frequent charges.

The competitive accounts rates further raise your savings. The growth rate of your money doesn’t have anything to do with your account balance. All you earn at a rate of 0.10%APY. Even the money checking account designed for teenagers also earn money at a rate of 0.10%.

Chase bank (Best known for Students)

When it’s your college period you will search for ATM nearby you for your work. Don’t worry Chase can give you this opportunity with more than thousands of accessible branches and ATMs everywhere in the country. This helps the students who are studying outside of the state to find local bank branches anywhere.

Thus, chase provides chase college checking account for college students between the age of 17 – 24 under their proof of student status. If you have at least $5000 of average daily balance or a direct deposit each statement cycle you will earn $6 monthly where you can reject it for five years while you are studying in your college.

And there is an account for high school students as well called a high school checking account. This will also give you a monthly fee of $6. You can reject this earn by linking this account with a certified parent’s or guardian’s checking account, through a direct deposit to this account for each statement cycle or with at least $5000 average daily balance. And this made for the students between the age of 13-17 who have an adult co-signer.

Did you find the best suits for you?

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