The Top 10 PlayStation News and Review Websites

Top 10 PlayStation News

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If you love everything PlayStation, you must visit these incredible websites to keep up with all the most recent gaming news.

Top 10 PlayStation News: Do you play PlayStation a lot? Do you like to keep up with the most recent PS5 news? Do you read every review of the most recent Sony games? If so, you must make sure that you are keeping up with the most popular and reliable news and review websites for PlayStation. We’ve compiled a list of the top PlayStation websites for you to visit. These websites will satisfy the PlayStation fan in you whether you’re playing the newest PS5 release or you just feel like some PlayStation nostalgia.


Top 10 PlayStation News

Without mentioning PlayStation.Blog, the official PlayStation blog for news and video updates, no list of PlayStation websites would be complete. This isn’t the place to go for the unbiased game or company opinions, of course, since Sony runs the blog. It is useful for news about upcoming releases, information about PS5 software updates, information about behind-the-scenes game development, and more. Even a weekly podcast that summarizes everything is available on the website.

Push Square

Top 10 PlayStation News

One of the biggest and best websites devoted to the PlayStation, Push Square is a member of the same publishing group as websites like Eurogamer, Nintendo Life, and Pure Xbox. Push Square regularly publishes top-notch news, covering the most recent developments in the gaming industry, game releases, and sales figures. To keep you entertained, it also includes a huge selection of videos, reviews, previews, guides, polls, and quizzes. If that’s still not enough, you should also visit the moderately active forums, where you can interact with other PlayStation enthusiasts.

PlayStation Universe

Top 10 PlayStation News

Look no further than PlayStation Universe if your goal is to stay current on all PlayStation news. A staggering number of articles are published on this website, providing information on titles that have just been released, in-game events, PS Plus changes, and more. In addition, PlayStation Universe regularly posts reviews so you can decide whether to buy the latest PS5 title. Additionally, don’t forget to browse its collection of wallpapers to jazz up your desktop and stop by the forums to voice your opinions on everything PlayStation.

PlayStation LifeStyle

Top 10 PlayStation News

Look no further than PlayStation LifeStyle if you are a PlayStation fiend. The most recent PS Plus games, industry rumors (such as Sony acquiring more game studios), leaked gameplay videos, and more are all covered on this website.

Additionally, PlayStation LifeStyle regularly reviews hardware like PS5-compatible SSDs as well as new PS5 games and DLC. You can quickly understand what the website thinks about a game by reading the pros and cons that are presented at the conclusion of each review.

PlayStation Trophies

PlayStation Trophies

If you’re a trophy hunter, PlayStation Trophies is the website for you, as the name might imply. Locate the game you’re playing to see all of its achievements, including any hidden ones. You can find trophy guides on the website so you know exactly how to obtain them.

But the website provides more than just information on trophies. Additionally, it disseminates PlayStation news, details on forthcoming releases, reviews, previews, and interviews.



Since there is a subreddit for everything, one for the PS5 is a given. There are over two million PlayStation enthusiasts in this community, and the subreddit will direct you to all the most recent news, reviews, previews, and videos you could possibly need. Naturally, since this is Reddit, you can leave comments on everything shared and interact with other PlayStation enthusiasts there. Check out r/PlayStation and r/PSVR, as well as other PlayStation-related subreddits. Reddit can be a little challenging to use. You might want to consult our tutorial on how to search Reddit effectively if you get lost.



One of the most popular and successful gaming websites on the internet is GameSpot, which debuted in 1996. In contrast to some Sony-specific websites, it provides more PlayStation content and covers every aspect of the gaming industry.GameSpot provides all the latest information, whether you’re looking for screenshots, videos, deals, or news. However, it may be best known for its in-depth reviews, which provide high-quality in-depth analyses of games that are difficult to find elsewhere.



IGN is a general gaming website like GameSpot, but it has a fantastic PlayStation section. IGN reports on subjects like hardware production, game releases, mods, deals, and other important PlayStation and Sony news. Numerous reviews are also published by IGN, many of which are in video format. Visit IGN because the website most likely has a review for that new PS5 game if you’re not sure whether to buy it.



Despite being relatively new to the world of online video game news, VGC has established itself as a reliable source free of clickbait and trolling. In addition to Sony news, VGC also covers Nintendo, Microsoft, and similar companies. There is always something to read at VGC since they post fresh PlayStation news every single day. VGC is a fantastic resource for all Sony fans, whether it’s revealing the upcoming PS Now games, publishing the newest game trailers, or compiling reader comments.

PS Deals

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Visit PS Deals if you want to save money and get your next PlayStation game for less (and who doesn’t?). You can keep track of any game in the official PlayStation Store using this website and get notifications when the price drops. There is no point in paying full price for a game unless you are compelled to purchase it as soon as it is released. Instead, track it in PS Deals and then relax while you wait for a good deal to come along. It will cost you much less money.

Don’t Forget to Play Games for Some Time

Following PlayStation news is undeniably thrilling, whether you’re reading about rumors about upcoming games, seeing some leaked screenshots, or reading developer interviews. But don’t forget to engage in some gameplay as well! There is a wealth of PlayStation-only games that clamor for your attention.


What is the best PlayStation version?

The PS5 will seem like the obvious choice for the majority of people. This model is a significant improvement over whichever console you currently own and comes with a 4K Blu-ray drive. Don’t discount the PS5 Digital Edition though. The PS5 Digital Edition might be preferred if you want to save some money.

What PlayStation game has the highest sales?

By unit sales, the top-selling PS4 games of all time as of 2021. Marvel’s Spider-Man had sold 20 million copies since its release in September 2018 and was the best-selling PS4 game of all time as of March 2021.

Do PS4 games for the PS3 work?

The short answer is that PlayStation 4 games cannot play on a PlayStation 3 system. It is impossible to use a PS3 disc with a PS4. Additionally, you are unable to download PS3 games onto your PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store.

Is Xbox superior to PS4?

Xbox One vs. PS4: The verdict

It might seem strange to rank the top console from the previous generation, but since new games are still being developed for them, these systems are far from obsolete. In the end, the PS4 triumphs due to its greater selection of exclusive games.

Better: PS5 or PS4?

The PS5 is Sony’s most recent console, taking the PS4 Pro’s place as the company’s most potent gaming machine. The internal NVMe SSD and improved CPU and GPU make the PS5 a quicker and more powerful console.

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