Monitor Kid’s Phone Saved Me During the Pandemic

Monitor Kid's Phone Saved Me During the Pandemic

Monitor Kid's Phone Saved Me During the Pandemic

I remember it was my teen’s birthday that we celebrated normally. Because after that pandemic hit the whole world and we are still trying our best to cope with the new customs and norms. He was very disappointed, mad and sad at that time as all of his plans were put on hold. It is difficult to tell about his actual feelings and situation as he was mostly frustrated. Well, we all were as it was somtheing nobody had expected and we did not even know when will it all end. So when things slowly started to come back to the normal routine  I saw some disturbing signs.

It was like my son was trying to get back all the lost months and time. He was trying to apply for all the internships, part-time jobs and everything. The economical situation was not that well right after the country opened up but he was trying his best and I was worried. So when he started getting calls I was happy as well as worried that what will happen. He was ready to push his limits and work late and manage studies as well and I can see everything was disturbing his health and wellbeing. With all the pressure I even tried to convince him to leave some of his part-time jobs but he had a tough schedule to follow. Some jobs were for money some for career and for a time being I feared that he will completely cut himself off with all the social gatherings. I shared my worries with my sister and she told me about the app to monitor kids’ phones can help me. She referred me OgyMogy app and told me that at least I will know about his whereabouts, movements and surroundings and if he need any sort of help. Well, that was more than enough for me so I got the app right away. 

It was a good decision and it has helped me control my anxiety. Moreover, the app helps me to know about my kid’s real-time activities and whereabouts.

Tracking Him Is Possible:

The first thing that I was worried about the most is that he always forget to text back or call back. You are left to wait and hang in there just to get his one response or one call. With the help of the OgyMogy spy app, I am now free. The app lets me track him in real-time with the help of a GPS location tracking feature. Pinpoint real-time tracking let me know his location and where is he heading in real-time. 

I Can Know If He is in Any Danger Zone:

Another major feature of this app is geofencing. The app lets the user make a virtual zone on Google Maps under the safe and restricted zone. You can know if the target is around the specified zone. I have put the zone with the most case in the restricted zone. Whenever I get the notification I remind him to follow the protocols and keep a safe distance. 

Monitoring His Surrounding Is Easy:

The mic’s big features let me know about the surrounding of the kid. If anyone is trying to bully him or if he is in any kind of awkward situation the app lets me know about it. As a parent one can take immediate action to protect the children from any harm. 

Know About His Part Time Job Details:

Other features like social media monitoring, instant messenger chat spy apps, call recording and text log helped me to know about his part-time job working conditions and more. 

Notification If He Is In Any Trouble:

The camera bug feature captures the surroundings of the target remotely. One can use the front and rear camera of the target devices to know about the surroundings. 

What is Real is Happening in His Life?

Features like keystroke logging and screen monitoring help me know what in reality is going on with him. In this way, I can help him in any way possible. 

The app keeps your secret safe thus an app to monitor a kid’s phone like the OgyMogy can b a secret guardian angel for your kid. 

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