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This is for all luxury travelers. Many of luxury travelers need more, spend more, and also expect more and more. These classy global luxury travel destinations, both old and new, know what luxury travelers seek amd they want to know, and deliver it. Which ones are on your whish list?

You could travel exclusively in Italy for the rest of your life. And never get bored and lazy. Where in the “The Boot” will you go next. Venice for its seductive settings, glorious churches, and also sublime hotels? Rome and the Florence, for the magnificent Michel angelos and da Vincis? Are you now, Tarquinia near Rome, for its heartbreaking family tombs of vanished Etruscan people? Milan, for its Armanis, Pradas, and also the Versaces? Sicily or the Naples, for pizza or the Italian Alps for skiing? Or the Amalfi Coast’s seaside promenades (shown). And cliffside hotels like the Monastero Santa Rosa? Or any other.

Luxury travel destinations


The gorgeous Italy can practically almost overwhelm you with all its sensual bounty. But luxury travelers have many decisions to make. Which Italian pleasure will you savor present day?

There is no more romantic spot on Earth than the gorgeous Paris. It begs to be explored hand in hand, from its historical boulevards to its artsy enclaves.Always at the best and the top of the gorgeous places in Italy list, Florence has it all, from the world famous museums to glorious architecture. It is the city for the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio and at the same time home to celebrated museums, magnificent gardens, historical markets and many other gorgeous destinations.

Everywhere you look and see, France’s capital is dotted with the breathtaking monuments, enthralling museums. Also the dignified hotels, divine restaurants, and the tempting Parisian boutiques.

In present day, Paris is a welcoming travel destination whose hospitality pros willingly speak the language. But one thing has not changed. It’s the better you dress in the city that invented fashion, the more Parisian you will feel. And also you can probably live with that feeling.

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China – Luxury Travel Destinations

The sleeping dragon in China, is awake and roaring. And also the world will never be the same way. This enterprising mega nation has swiftly built a luxurious travel industry. Also the world’s elite luxury hotel brands and luxury travel destinations are racing to built pleasure domes in China. The posh and luxury hotels and resorts have sprouted in China’s thrillingly modern cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and also Beijing. And in the emerging hotspots like Hangzhou, Sanya, and the shopping mecca of Shenzhen.

The visitors who come eager to take in the China’s traditions, tastes and treasures. And they are awed by the contrast between China’s dynastic palaces and the futuristic cityscapes. The luxury travelers to present day China can count on flawless service and the glorious meals. Also the exquisite lodgings, too.

Got just few days and feel that? Fly to Shanghai (shown), spend a few nights there. Then you are suppose to take a bullet train to stunning Suzhou. And China’s thousand-year-old jewelbox town.

Luxury travel destinations

New York – Luxury Travel Destinations

New York is the cultural capital. Also the business hub of the U.S., and (ask any New Yorker will tell you about it) possibly the world. This exuberant city’s energy and the local pride are contagious.

By day, luxury travelers explore the city’s only in-New-York neighborhoods, and its cultural beacons. And its legendary stores. Visitors’ number one rest station? The Manhattan’s backyard, Central Park.

By the night, there are only-in-New-York restaurants like Grand Central Station’s Michael Jordan. The Steak House and the lively scene. Also the restaurants like Kingside in the Viceroy New York hotel.

And when your New York energy flags, you have sumptuous luxury hotels like the Pierre or quiet, all-suite hotels like London NYC to recharge in. There are five ideal and iconic boroughs in New York City like Manhattan, The BronxStaten Island, Brooklyn, and Queen. I recommend spending your vacation in Manhattan. So that you can easily get to the main tourist attractions and the sites like the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Central Park.

The eye catching Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London. Indisputably, London is the cradle and icon of the world’s English-speaking civilization. The city on the Thames, feels agreeably familiar to the Americans. But with more traditions, better cabbies, and an accent we can not help but the love.

This regal metropolis entices the luxury travelers with unparalleled theater, a culinary revival. And also a thriving style scene. And London invented butler service too. Many of the people come here to enjoy the Broadway shows, on the other hand some people come specifically to shop and dine. Also many of them come simply to see the sites like statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, empire State Building, historical neighborhoods, and numerous world famous memorable museums.

The luxury travelers are well looked after whether they choose a distinguished grand hotel like the Langham, London which is a glamorous, celebrity-magnet hotel like The Corinthia London. Or a happening hotel in a trendy, artistic neighborhood, and also Andaz Liverpool Street. The london can be pretty decadent, too. Test it yourself.

The tradition coexists with tourism comforts in Thailand. Furnishing an authentic yet inviting travel experience. No any wonder. This genteel, versatile, and the breathtakingly beautiful nation has become the superstar of Southeast Asian tourism.

Spa culture, Service, and cuisine are high arts throughout the Thailand. And getting around is easy thing. Thailand’s dynamic yet exotic capital, the Bangkok, is within easy range of the tropical beach magnets like the idyllic and iconic island of Koh Samui.

Luxury travel destinations

French Polynesia will never be a vacation destination and luxury travel destinations for everyone. Nestled in the South Pacific halfway between Peru and New Zealand. It is far from anywhere and its high tabs give any budget the workout. And as well as with little for visitors to do besides lazing in their “overwater bungalow”. And also snorkel in the turquoise lagoon below, French Polynesia is, in a word, sleepy…

It’s sound good so far? The best way to really see Tahiti is on a cruise that stops on several Polynesian islands that including, if you choose, the remote and the untamed Marquesas. As luxury travel destinations, the luxury choice for a Tahiti cruise is the deluxe small ship, Paul Gauguin.

For the all luxury travelers and newlyweds seeking a one-stop private getaway on a tranquil tropical isle. French Polynesia is heaven-sent. Awaiting you are ravishing resorts established by the five star hotel brands such as Four Seasons, St. Regis, and the Relais & Chateaux. Await you.

Is there a luxury traveler alive whose wish list lacks a deluxe African safari? It is the time to get started. Hurry up. You can get so many luxury facilities and accomadations in there. If you choose the one of these world’s memorable attractions, surely you can get unforgettable and luxury experience. I can ssy that it will be the be the best travel experience.

At the same time Eco conscious Kenya, South Africa, Zambia. And the Botswana have become the go to African safari luxury choices. Here, the safari adventurers get personal with the majestic lions, leopards. Also giraffes, rhinos, and elephants. Later, they relish the gorgeous candlelit dinners and moonlit nights at simple yet stunning safari lodges and camps. Sure, it will be a mememorable experience.

Also private or small-group African safaris are highly customizable. Your adventure could include Range Rover trekking, heli-touring, the hiking, and biking. Or it could swing by spectacular Victoria Falls or combine “bush and beach.” Even better, the safari outfitters who are seasoned Africa hands, like Extraordinary Journeys Africa. Also Jacada Travel, and the Abercrombie & Kent, do the best planning for you. Your African safari will not be so far off.

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And also there is more to Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro, breathtaking Cape Town, the tropical Mozambique, and a hundred more fabled luxury travel destinations.

The Sin City boasts the world’s biggest, famous and the best casinos. But this 24 hours desert flower would be a world class tourism draw even without the wagering.
The Vegas is truly a sight to behold. Also it flaunts resplendent luxury hotels like Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, plus glamorous clubs, mesmerizing shows. Seductive spas, the designer shopping, and an amazing blowout of a culinary festival, and Vegas Uncork’d.

Try your choice! Name your vice! Sin City is a garden of the eatin’. Since the tourism is Vegas’s lifeblood, Vegas restaurants are sensational, and the hospitality service you get here is second to none. Also Viva Las Vegas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest vacation or the holiday destination?

It can be identify that Bulgaria and Turkey are likely to be among the cheapest holiday destinations, according to the survey. So that, if you need to find the cheapest travel destinations to visit, you are suppose to follow the survey and search the place that you fancy to stay. On the other hand there are several cheapest and best places in there and it is easy to see one as your preference.

How would you describe your memorable trip and your experience ?

You can explain it short and simply way like I am still very much enamoured with the wonderful view of Taj Mahal. We waited there till the sunset over the Taj Mahal which we watched from the lawn itself just outside of Taj Mahal. As well as overall the visit of Taj Mahal was a wonderful experience. I will surely remember my trip to Agra for my lifetime and it’s memorable.

Where in Europe should I go on holiday or a vacation?

It’s for all first-time visitors to Europe top cities would be the Paris, Florence, London. At the same time the Amsterdam, Rome, and Barcelona. I would like recommend visiting at least one smaller place to get a more local feel of the European life. You are suppose to search the places and find where you fancy to spend a vacation or holidays.

What is the most gorgeous country in Europe?

The pre-pandemic, annually almost 10 million international tourists visited, according to Visit Norway. The scenery is frequently cited as the main tourist attraction. So that it was no surprise when Telegraph Travel’s comprehensive study revealed it to be the most beautiful country in the Europe. You can find many luxury travel destinations there.

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