Logwork – The Best Time Tracker Software with Screenshot Monitor for Your Business

Logwork – The Best Time Tracker Software with Screenshot Monitor for Your Business

Logwork – The Best Time Tracker Software with Screenshot Monitor for Your Business

We go through different challenges in our daily life. One of them is time, it is no doubt the most important challenge in our life. From day-to-day tasks to business deals, world needs everything to be on time.

For a business owner, it is really a tough and challenging task to manage their time and keep track of every business activity. 

To help business manage their time and keep track of their employees, LogWork is one of the best time tracker with screenshot monitor feature and business management software that comes handy for keeping track of all business activities. From tracking your employees to saving your precious time, LogWork has all the essential tools for your business. 

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Here are some of the core features LogWork provides,

  1. Keep track of employee’s activity: 

LogWork provides the dashboard with remote desktop linked to your employee’s workspace. It means you can keep track of all your employees straight through your dashboard. The dashboard also tracks the activity of your employees and shows the working hours completed by your employees.

  1. Time tracker:

Meeting the deadlines is very important for a business. Delivering your work on time leaves a really good impression on your clients. LogWork provides the functionality to manage and track your time so you never miss your deadline and everything stays sorted. The time tracking features shows the total time worked with a list of assigned tasks underneath the time tracker. 

  1. Employees work report:

Imagine you are running a business, you have your employees working around the globe, you have an upcoming project assigned by your clients and you are wondering if your employees are working or not.

The report feature of LogWork with screenshot monitor helps you keep record of all your employees. This feature will calculate the total activity time of each employee along with the projects they were working on. The report feature calculates the working time of all the employees and creates a report of their activity time. 

  1. Keeping track of your projects: 

You are a well-settled company and have multiple projects in a queue, you want to sort them in an order and assign them to your employees in a professional way but, you are unable to find a way to manage all these projects. LogWorklets you keep your projects sorted at one place through the project panel on your LogWorkaccount. You can create multiple projects and assign them to your employees and keep track of them.

  1. Create a team to work together: 

The team feature of LogWork helps you to create a team and work collaboratively on different projects. You can invite anyone to your team easily by sending them an email invitation. Once invitation is accepted by you team member, you can assign tasks to your team and work together on different projects easily.


LogWorkis one of the must have tool for any business to manage their projects and track their workers remotely. It is cost efficient and value for the money spent. If you are looking for one of the best remote monitoring and business tracking software you must try LogWork since it provides the free trial to their new users.

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