Let’s get better at co-working

Let's get better at co-working

Let's get better at co-working

In the modern world, teamwork has become the key to your success at work. The concept ‘me’ has become ‘we’. So this way is impossible if we cannot communicate and collaborate with others in a friendly manner. Even though the idea you are going to present is born in your brain, you might need a hand to work it out. In that case, you need a team to support you. Not just a team. A team that can understand and realize the gravity behind your visions and the missions. Some team working skills or co-working skills are essential in this modern world to work your visions out. So here we provide you 7 practical ways that can help you out to get better at co-working.

01. Always provide clear and helpful feedbacks to get better at co-working .

As we all know, most of the time, team works is so frustrating. Because we work with different mindsets. These struggles come to their peaks when the due dates come closer. Because everyone is under the pressure to finish the work. But in a team, we have to avoid these conflicts.

We know it is not very easy in a team. But we must do it. Even though we are not okay with someone’s point of view, we can’t express it directly to their face. That is rude. Rather than doing that, we can cool down the situation by suggesting solutions like, “I know you said it because of that particular reason. But what if we should do like this?”

It is very smooth then just saying “I hate this idea, who even said that?”

This method can help you with moving things forward as a team.

02. Appreciate when it is time to get better at co-working .

This will be a booster to your teammates. One and all adores to be cherished for their hard work. So let it be. If one of your team masters suggested a brilliant idea just appreciate them. Say to them you are happy or proud to have them. Say to them you are happy or proud to have them. Not only in person. But also within the team.

And you can recommend them to your supervisions too. That will give your teammates a valuable feeling. So they will work harder for the output of the project. And, do not forget to shout out to your team once a project is finished. Because that will be a great memory to their stressed-out minds and it will help them to keep the good work going forward.

03. Accept your mistakes.

This will attract your teammates’ respect towards you and they will be more committed to their work.

If something happened because of you, admit it. Not only the good things but also the bad things too. Be honest and own your faults.

As we all know, if we have a conflict, we must find the source to fix that. So, if you are the one who is responsible for that confront it. If not, nothing can be fixed.

You can indeed wipe it under the rug and keep calm r can push the blame to someone else. But don’t do that. That will damage your figure between your teammates. They will dislike you and won’t be real with their work. So be honest and own your faults. Then everyone will trust you and respect you. On the other hand, they will love to work under someone that they can trust.

04. Figure out your capabilities to get better at co-working.

Not as same as we are working on our own, it is a bit complicated when we are working with a team. Especially, if they are new to you. So, first of all, you have to figure out most of the positive and negative things about yourself and your teammates. It’s like taking an inventory. This is very important.

Because, without the knowledge about each other, teammates may think you will do everything or they will think you are capable of everything.

So, all the burden will on you, and that can breakdown you. That won’t do any good to your project. Firstly, you all have to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So, from that, it will be much easier to conduct your teammates to achieve your goals as a team.

Once you have discovered your co-workers’ skill set, you can start your new projects. And now it’s the time to turn into yourself. You have to collect all of your strengths and abilities. Then you can figure out a way to work your project out.

You have to find out what you are. Like,

  • What is your role as a leader?
  • Are you a suggestion giver or an executive decision-maker?
  • Do you need more time to make decisions?
  • Do you need much space to think about new ideas?
  • Are you a quick thinker?
  • Do you like to work according to plan?

Cleaning out those things before you start a project as a team will be helpful. It can avoid any surprises down the road while you are processing your work.

05. Make a schedule and follow it.

You won’t notice the value of this until your team faces an emergency. Unexpected emergencies can make your project a disaster. So it is way better if you could tide things almost at the beginning.

Firstly gather up your teammates and establish some rules regarding times. Like the duration of your meetings, and when should you meet (like once a week or twice a week), etc. It will be really easy to make things tidy. And that can save your energy too. Because when you have a perfectly balanced schedule, you can divide the tasks. Like who should do what? It is more convenient than everyone trying to do everything.

And another thing that you should concern when making a schedule is that “How the team should communicate?” How the team meeting should be arranged? For that purpose, you have to figure out what your people prefer. Do they prefer short meetings? Like daily short meetings or long meetings once a week. Schedule as they prefer. And how should the date be fixed? Whether it should be a fixed date for every time or data that can be fixed after a meeting.

Any way and any time you prefer. But make sure that everyone is on the same page.

06. Be reasonable with your timetable to get better at co-working .

Timetables should indeed be tight and neat. But make sure that it is realistic. Just make it reasonable. Especially when assigning your teammates deadlines. Make sure they are achievable. Don’t give them a hard time with deadlines.

That’s where the incomplete projects come as outputs. Because they will rush the work and they will miss the most important parts of the assignment. And if you see that they face some difficulties in finishing the project give them a hand, or you can extend the deadline.

That can style a vast modifications for the advancement.

And if you feel their excuses are unreasonable, just take a glance before the judge. Maybe they don’t have sufficient knowledge about easier ways.

Give them a little time. They will find the tricks and they will move forward with the timetable without complaints.

07. Show your gratitude to get better at co-working.

How can you show your gratitude towards your co-worker?

Simply say ‘Thank You.

Yes, preschool rules are still applicable. Your little words can make someone’s day much better. So always be thankful for your teammates. Especially when your team is going through some stressful situations. And these two wards can have a great impact on the build-up the positive attitudes among your teammates. Simply saying thank you can make ties in between the co-workers. So let it be.

So once you apply the above qualities to your working life in groups. You may find that you have a second family.

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