Is 100 Mbps Good Enough For Me?

Is 100 Mbps Good Enough For Me?

Is 100 Mbps Good Enough For Me?

Internet speeds can be pretty tricky to understand. What is the slowest connection and is it fast enough to browse and check your email? How fast is the fastest internet connection and how many devices does it power up? All of these questions naturally come to mind, especially when it is your first time going out to get an internet connection. While we might not answer all the questions that you have, we can certainly answer a few of them.

So, here we are and today, we plan to talk about 100 Mbps internet speed and what you can get done with that speed. Is this speed good for a family or just good for a single person? Is it sufficient for video conferences and gaming? Let’s take a look and clear all of these doubts then. 

What is Good Internet Speed?

There is no one definition of good internet speed. A good internet speed is the one that suits you the most, whether it be 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or more. And how do you determine which speed suits you? It depends on the activities you perform, of course! If you work from home, you will need sufficient speed to connect with your colleagues and do your tasks. If you are a student, you will need enough speed to be able to research and download important study material, and so on. 

Internet speedActivitiesNumber of People
0 – 5 Mbps Browsing on Google, sending and viewing emails, streaming music on one device1 – 2 
5 – 40 MbpsStreaming video on one device, playing online games on one device, video call on Skype or FaceTime3 – 4 
40 – 100 MbpsMultiplayer online gaming, downloading large files, streaming HD video on a few devices5 – 7 
100 – 500 Mbps Streaming in 4K on 5 or more devices, downloading big files quickly, multiplayer online gaming8 – 10 
500 – 1000+ MbpsDo almost anything and everything on multiple devices simultaneously10+ 

Ideally, a 100 Mbps internet speed is a good internet speed, however, it might not be for everyone. As you can see in the table above, there are different internet speed ranges, and with the increase in speed, you can perform heavy internet activities. Similarly, the number of people will also increase with the increase in speed. And this is how you decide on a speed or a speed range that you would be okay with.

Most internet providers offer internet speeds as high as 1000 Mbps or even higher, thanks to the fiber internet connection. Thus, if you need a very speedy internet connection, you won’t need to worry about not having the option. 

Is 100 Mbps Fast Enough for You?

So, is 100 Mbps good for you or not? If the activities you are performing are something like browsing, sending emails, downloading small files, streaming movies in HD, and playing online games on 2- 3 devices, then 100 Mbps works perfectly. You can also download large files, but it will take some time. 

Additionally, when we say 100 Mbps is good for you, we don’t just mean that if you live alone. In fact, 100 Mbps may be a bit much if you are living by yourself. Living alone, you will need something less than 100 Mbps, like 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps. But, if you are living with 2-3 other people, then 100 Mbps would work just fine.

If you need more guidance on internet speeds, you can simply visit here and Xfinity will guide you through the perfect speed for you. Moreover, Xfinity even offers some of the best internet plans starting at 75 Mbps internet speed and going up to 1200 Mbps!

Is 100 Mbps Good for Gaming?

While many people think that 100 Mbps is not enough for gaming, it actually is. Once again, the same thing applies here and that is what your schedule for gaming looks like. Do you game often and for longer hours? How heavy are the games you play? Do you or somebody else simultaneously stream movies or use the internet while gaming? Do you use a chatting service on the side while gaming like Discord?

The answer to these questions will determine the internet speed you need. If you do play often and for longer periods, 100 Mbps might not cut it for you. Even if you use other apps on the side like Discord while gaming, you might need a higher speed than 100 Mbps. Video games that require large file downloads will also need a higher speed like 200 Mbps or more.

When it comes to gaming internet, latency is an important factor to measure. No latency is ideal but very hardly possible. Low latency is the next best option and high latency is a no-go. Latency refers to the time or delay when a signal travels back and forth from the server to your system and vice versa. 

Bringing It All Together

After reading this article, you must have gotten the hang of how internet speed works. Even if you didn’t quite get it yet, that’s okay. After all, this is exactly why there are customer sales representatives to help you out when you don’t understand. You can also find tools online to help you determine internet speed in your home and how much you need based on internet usage. 

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