In Oregon, there is still one remaining blockbuster that you can visit.

In Oregon

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In Oregon, The walls are mottles yellow, and the floor pattern is gray. The scene, of the one remaining Blockbuster, is not just a nostalgic fantasy, it is a reality in Oregon, with the aromas of popcorn and plastic in the air and a 90s rom-com playing on TV screens. Yes, in Bend, a town 160 miles south of Portland, the last remaining Blockbuster is still open for business.

With more than 9,000 stores, the Blockbuster empire was prospering in the early 2000s. There were only roughly 1,700 outlets left when the firm filed for bankruptcy in 2010. There is only one location left after more than ten years.

The procedure in Bend is just as you recall: you choose your movie by browsing the aisles of films organized by genre. The cashier takes off the security tag and adds the movie to your account as you approach the checkout, where, of course, there are goods and sweets waiting for you (using an IBM floppy disk computer from the 80s.) When you’re done, you return to the store and place the DVD in the drop box before repeating the process.

In Oregon,

This last Blockbuster has a different business plan than the outlets of 20 years ago since DVD players are getting harder to find. The shop’s main sources of income today are item sales and tourism. However, it is still a very effective Blockbuster, and anyone can use it.

If you have a legitimate ID on hand, anyone can open a Blockbuster account without charge. Blockbuster staff will even create cards by hand as a keepsake for your membership. Even so, you can purchase goods in the recognizable blue and yellow of Blockbuster if you’re just traveling through. There are hoodies, shirts, and socks available, some of which have the catchphrase “Be kind, rewind.” Even if you forget to rewind your movies, you’ll at least remember when you did.


Can you go to the most recent Blockbuster?

There is currently only one. Bend, Oregon is the location of The Last Blockbuster. It feels nostalgic entering the store because of the rows of movie rentals, the yellow walls, the candies and snacks, and even the distinct “Blockbuster” odor.

Has the final Blockbuster location shut down?

The Bend location was the final remaining Blockbuster in the US by August 2018, following the closure of two remaining locations in Alaska. According to Bend Blockbuster manager Sandi Harding, “We still have that core group of consumers who know we’re local, are very loyal, and come in every week.”

Can you still rent movies from the Bend, Oregon, Blockbuster?

When people learn that I went to the final Blockbuster, their most frequent inquiry is, “Do they still rent movies? ” Yes, it is the answer. This is a legitimate video rental business that still offers DVDs and Blu-rays for rent to neighborhood residents.

Can I still access Blockbuster Online?

There is currently only one open Blockbuster site, in Bend, Oregon. It was the focus of a documentary, and a sitcom will shortly make on it. We’ll watch to see whether they can update Blockbuster streaming to be a player for the modern day.

Are there still video stores?

The book Video Stores Still Exist! is a celebration of the top video stores in the nation and the amazing owners of each one. These 12 businesses, whether establish or new to the scene, all have an unmatched commitment to the vital service they offer to their local communities.

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