How To Watch BBC America Without Cable

How To Watch BBC America Without Cable

How To Watch BBC America Without Cable

Now there is no necessity for cable TV to watch BBC America. You can watch BBC America through these streaming services: Philo, sling TV, FuboTV, DirecTV stream, and Youtube TV. The above-mentioned streaming services let you watch BBC America through streaming devices, mobile phones, and online. You can access to great programs such as Graham Norton’s show, kill Eve and who is the doctor on BBC America, or record the program and watch it later, because each service includes a cloud DVR.

BBC America channel streaming service

All of the below-mentioned streaming services will allow users to watch BBC live in America just as you watch cable TV. These online streaming services will provide some BBC American channel content on demand.

Philo-The least expensive way to watch BBC America

philo-How To Watch BBC America Without Cable

The cheapest way to watch BBC America without cable TV is to subscribe to the Philo streaming service. You can watch more than 60 channels, including BBC America, and record any number of programs and watch them for 30 days, just for $25 per month. Philo even offers a 7-day free trial.

Philo is available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad (running IOS 9 or higher), Android phones and tablets (running 5.0 or higher), Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Watch BBC America on FuboTV

Socer on FuboTV-How To Watch BBC America Without Cable

FuboTV is a great place for sports, but it provides several other general channels, including BBC America. The basic package for BBC America and more than 70 other channels is $64.99 per month.

Here are some features of FuboTV:

  • In FuboTV’s channel lineup, the BBC America channel and more can be found.
  • You can watch it on three screens simultaneously
  • Cloud DVR storage with a capacity of 250 hours
  • FuboTV applications can be used on major platforms, like Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.

Sign up for a free one-week trial, or read our review on FuboTV for more information.

Watch BBC America on Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a more price-conscious option. BBC USA is divided into “orange” and “blue” packages, with each package at $35 per month. Sling TV is available with a live broadcast of BBC America channel, which means you can watch programs broadcast by BBC America channel as if you had cable TV. It is included in the cloud disk recorder, therefore you can record programs for later use.

Sling TV can use on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and other devices, so you enjoy BBC America on TV, tablet, or other smart devices. Except for the channels mentioned here, there are many more channels on sling TV. To learn more about sling TV and more about the compatibility of devices for sling TV, please check sling TV’s detailed comments.

This review includes information about the free trial of sling TV and methods to get discounts and streaming devices. At present, if you sign up for two months, you have a 7-day trial period and a free Amazon fire stick.


AT&T tv

BBC America is available on At & T’s streaming service DirecTV stream. For $69.99, you will receive the following services:

  • Watch 20 streams simultaneously for each subscription
  • Cloud-based DVR
  • BBC America, AMC, HGTV, discovery, and other channels
  • Support AppleTV, Android TV, Amazon fire tv, Roku, etc

You can use their online service to view all the content provided by this service or read relevant content in our DirecTV stream review.

BBC America is on YouTubeTV

youtube tv logo-How To Watch BBC America Without Cable

YouTube TV also provides BBC America live and unlimited storage space to record programs. Your recorded program library can play anywhere. BBC America is $64.99 per month is included in the basic package.

YouTube TV offers:

  • BBC America channel, local network channel, and more than 70 other channels
  • Infinite cloud DVR storage
  • Data streams are transmitted on three devices at a time
  • YouTube TV is available on Android, IOS, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, etc.
  • After resolving the dispute between the two companies, the YouTube TV application also returned to roku devices.
  • It includes YouTube TV on demand also.
  • Provide a free trial for 1 week.

Read our comments on YouTube TV for more details.

Can BBC American channel watch on Hulu?

The BBC America channel is not currently available on Hulu’s live TV service. If you need more information, we have a comment with a complete list of Hulu live TV channels. Hulu did demand some BBC American programs through Hulu’s streaming library. For more information refer to Hulu’s BBC America page.

Watch BBC America through AMC+

Directly through the prime video app, Roku you can watch BBC America and also through the Apple TV channel. AMC networks own BBC America. If you subscribe to AMC +, BBC America programs such as The watch and killing eve can play on these applications.

Subscribe to AMC + for 7 days, including watching programs on AMC, BBC America,  Sundance Tv, and IFC without advertisements. You can use the following methods to watch BBC America through AMC +.

Prime video channel: first, register AMC + on the prime video channel using your Amazon account. Then, you can download the prime video application to supported devices and log in with your Amazon account. You can watch programs from AMC, BBC America, Sundance, and other websites via the prime video application.

Roku channel: Although the prime video application can use on Roku devices, users of the Roku channel can register AMC + via the Roku channel application. Can do this via the Roku channel application interface.

Apple TV Channel: Although the prime video application is available on Apple TV, users can choose to register AMC + through the Apple TV channel interface.

Read our review of AMC +, for more details

Free watch BBC America

Some streaming services that broadcast the BBC America channel offer free trials. If you use different email addresses, you can use these functions to watch BBC America for nearly a month or more for free. Let’s have a look at the free trial.

  • Philo – 7-day free trial
  • FuboTV – free trial for 1 week
  • YouTube TV – free trial for 1 week

If you cancel before the free trial will be out of date, you will not need to pay. You can try it for free and get nearly a month’s BBC America free. If you are innovative in email address and payment method, you can watch BBC America for free for a longer time. This also allows you to test various live TV streaming services to see which one you like most.

Watch BBC live America on roku

To watch the BBC America channel on Roku, please follow the instructions below.

  • Subscribe to streaming services hosting BBC America (sling TV, YouTube TV, etc.)
  • Navigate to search on the Roku menu and press OK on the remote control.
  • Give the name of the subscribed streaming service in the search bar.
  • Select the streaming media service and press OK
  • Choose  ‘Add channel’, and then press OK on the remote control.
  • Go to channel is an option if the channel is already installed
  • The application is now installed on your roku. Open the application and log in with the log in details used to subscribe to the service. The BBC America channel will be available via the app live TV guide.

Watch BBC America live on Fire TV

Instructions to watch BBC America on fire TV,

  • Subscribe to streaming services hosting BBC America (sling TV, YouTube TV, etc)
  • On the fire TV home screen, in the upper left end, click the search icon.
  • Search for the name of the subscribed streaming service you subscribed to in the search bar
  • Select the relevant streaming media service and press OK
  • Select download and the channel will install
  • The application is now installed on fire TV. Open the application and log in.

Watch BBC live in America on Apple TV

Steps to watch BBC America on Apple TV.

  • Subscribe to streaming services with BBC America (sling TV, FuboTV or Philo)
  • Go right to the search icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the streaming service subscribed
  • Choose the streaming media service, choose the cloud icon, and the channel will install
  • The application is now installed on your Apple TV. Open the application and log in with the subscribed service .

BBC America app

If you subscribe to streaming services Philo, Fubo TV, and Youtube TV, the BBC America app on Apple TV, Roku, or other devices will allow you to watch their programs on demand. When you log in to the BBC America app, you can use the login name of these services as a TV provider. It unlocks everything on the application. This will allow you to watch BBC America on your browser, fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, or other supported streaming devices.

Watch BBC America on your own device

As an example, suppose we have a subscription to Philo TV and a Roku. We can follow these ways to run the BBC America application on our device. Although the following steps use Philo and Roku to watch BBC America, most streaming services and devices have the same way to handle it.

  • Open the app store on your device which is called “channel store” in Roku.
  • Search BBC America channel
  • Add the BBC America application to your device and open it.
  • The activation code and URL will be showing by Roku device .
  • You can go to the URL, using a computer or mobile web browser.
  • Enter your TV provider and user name / password.
  • You should now have access to all the programs provided by the application.

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