How To Add True Luxury To Your Space – 6 Ways

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Modern living room with fireplace sofa balcony and pattern carpet

How to add true luxury to your space can take on many distinct forms in the minds of different people. Maybe your dream luxury lounge is a modern area surrounded by enormous expanses of glass. With Gallery Wall in Various Frames, Image Edges, Symmetry, Picture Lighting, and Large Prints.

When it comes to sprucing up your luxury home. There’s no better way to do so than with some well-chosen artwork. If you’re not an avid art collector, selecting the proper pieces can be overwhelming. If not impossible, and once you’ve discovered the perfect piece, you’ll need to figure out how to display your new acquisition.

The way you exhibit the art, in fact, can make or break the premium vibe you’re aiming for. Sometimes you’re having trouble deciding how to hang your favorite pieces of art properly. Here are 6 ways that will ensure to add true luxury to your space.

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Home office in living room with modern interior design, comfort sofa, laptop computer, paper documents on work desk near armchair. Cozy apartment with decor, picture, bouquet in vase and houseplants

Gallery Wall in Various Frames

A gallery wall is a terrific way to add rich air to any room or space in your home, even if it doesn’t have to be as remarkable as Charles Saatchi’s or as large as an art gallery.

Display items in threes, horizontally or vertically, or arrange them properly to suit in locations you may not have considered decorating. Mirroring the stairstep arrangement of your staircase or corridor on gallery walls can appear very lovely.

Image Edges

Picture ledges are a chic way to display your favorite artwork, arranging it in a way that is both simple and sophisticated. You might also use the picture ledges to display sculptures that match the artwork, possibly creating a collection of diverse mediums from the same artist.

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Modern living room with fireplace sofa balcony and pattern carpet


If you’re not familiar with the term, symmetry refers to the regularity of form or arrangement employing suitable size and form proportions. It is identical on one side as it is on the other, similar to a mirror image. This is a simple yet attractive approach to hang your artwork, blending the room’s dimensions into the art’s symmetry.

Picture Lighting

It has been scientifically shown that the lighting in your home or building affects your mood and behavior. This means that placing a picture light above your artwork might attract spectators’ attention, which is why many art galleries, collectors, and exhibitions employ this strategy. It’s good enough for the professionals, therefore it’s good enough for you! With a single piece of artwork and a picture lamp with low-wattage lighting, you may create a high-end, luxurious look that invites onlookers to gaze at the favorite photo or painting you’re displaying.

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Decorator hanging picture on white brick wall in room. Interior design

Large Prints

Large, gigantic prints are adequate to make a powerful statement without jeopardizing your interior design’s beauty. Avoid using bold colors or patterns that will overshadow the rest of the space. Instead, go for something calm, natural, or neutral that speaks for itself and lends the area an air of elegance.

Emphasize a Mantelpiece

Any room benefits from a fireplace or mantelpiece as a natural focal point. Traditional characteristics, on the other hand, may appear out of place in more modern surroundings. To complete your aesthetic, dress up your mantelpiece with a huge print or a series of framed artworks, and transport color from the display around the room through the accessories and materials you pick.

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