Effective Home Maintenance for this Upcoming Fall Season

Effective Home Maintenance for this Upcoming Fall Season

Effective Home Maintenance for this Upcoming Fall Season

Embracing the upcoming season irrespective of what it is can be exciting but when it comes to fall there is a magic in the air that is undeniable. The colors of nature are changing into gorgeously picturesque hues that make us want to be outside now more than when the hot summer days were upon us. The fall season is a time to ready yourselves and your home for the upcoming winter chills, and when you have the right tools and equipment for the job what perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved. 

Kids love helping in the garden and around the home if it means they have the chance to get their hands (and clothes) dirty, but also to feel ‘grown up’ using new pieces of equipment otherwise considered only for mom and dad. 

This season as the trees begin to say goodbye to their leafy coatings and the ground starts to look like an increasing colour paint palette, why not gather everything you need to make your home ready for winter, including the much-loved fireplace so when the time comes for roasting marshmallows everything is in place. 

Readying the home

It is no secret that you can never be too prepared for any situation and making sure you have the necessary products and safety measures in place to ensure your family is safe through every season is a must. Preparing for winter begins in the fall and during the autumn months, this way you aren’t running around in a panic trying to source products or items you wish you had thought of earlier. 

The importance of home maintenance and safety cannot be emphasized enough but unfortunately, too many people take it for granted until it is too late. However, we have curated the top tips to ideally implement or at the least consider for your home as your fall season approaches leading up to chilly mornings and evenings. 

Let’s dive in and see what you could do to make your home not only season–proof but fire-safe too because the last thing we need is a rogue ember popping onto the living room carpet and suddenly the home is covered in smoke for as far as the eye can see. Which equipment is essential and which will make life that much safer and offer you peace of mind?  

The importance of home safety and maintenance

Lawn Repair

Hot summer weather certainly takes a toll on our gardens, as much as we loved lazing out in them sipping fruity drinks, the lawn is what suffers the most. The ground is severely dehydrated, hardens to what seems like concrete, and thus makes drainage impossible when it is needed the most. 

Now is the time to aerate the soil using hollow tined forks and then overseeding so you have a good foundation to sprout thick grass next summer. When you aerate the grass, the ground will also drain properly so you don’t end up with pools of water all over the backyard which can become a big issue if there is heavy rainfall for long periods and suddenly you have a river running towards or worse into your home. 

Updating and checking your security system

Daylight in winter is much shorter and dark evenings approach quicker than you realize, ensuring your home has adequate outdoor lighting and an updated security system will let you rest easy at night. Check camera lenses, wipe cameras and sensors down so they are clean from any debris, and check all external lightbulbs.

Declutter the Deck

When it comes to adequate fall home maintenance there is nothing more essential than the deck area. A high-traffic area like this can quickly accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ which in heavy winds can fly around and cause unnecessary damage which is so easily preventable. Cover outdoor furniture, sweep or blow all leaves and debris off and away from the home, and treat the wood if need be to soak in and seal through the winter. 

Gutter Cleaning

Why some people neglect gutters around the home is beyond belief considering it is such an important element. It is a must to clear out everything from gutters so rain can flow freely, there are plenty of high-quality tools on the market that make this job quick and easy. If there is one task you execute or tool you purchase, this autumn season, grab a gutter cleaning piece of equipment for efficient fall home maintenance practice. 

And what’s more, when the gutters are clean you can inspect them for any cracks that are causing leaking or look worse for wear and which may not withstand the harsh winter, and quickly repair them before it gets worse. Leak sealing products aren’t expensive but priceless when they do the job.

Fireplaces or Wood burners

Wood burners essentially require less upkeep than a fireplace but both are equally hazardous if left to their own devices. You always want to make sure your chimneys have been swept professionally to prevent soot build-up and to prevent any blockages for limited airflow. This will also allow the fireplace to burn more efficiently and effectively, but wood variety also plays an integral role so bear this in mind. 


You want your lights around the home both internally and outdoors to be in top working order. Any discoloration to light fittings or sockets could mean the wiring is not up to standard or old and could lead to issues down the line. Also, have an electrician check that circuits and cables are up to code, up-to-date, and offering maximum efficiency for wattage output, including all breakers. 

And, just in case it does happen, have a power-cut kit filled and up to date ready to hand including torches, batteries, and power banks. A portable stove is not a must but can come in handy if you aren’t sure how long the power will be out. Also, throw in a few boxes of matches and candles as last-resort options. Like we said, you can never be too prepared, right?

At the end of the day

Early and twice-yearly maintenance will ensure your home is safe and ready to endure every season, and, it is a more cost-effective method, win-win. 

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