DirecTV Now vs Hulu Live TV

DirecTV Now vs Hulu Live TV

DirecTV Now vs Hulu Live TV

Currently, in the live TV streaming media market, there are countless choices for viewers. It is not only the competition between independent cable substitutes but also the cable company itself is participating in the competition and has become the main choice of cord-cutters. We have seen all the options for live TV streaming in the previous side-by-side overview. This series will now make a positive comparison of each service to help the audience make a direct comparison. In this article, we will discuss DirecTV Now vs Hulu Live TV.

DirectTV Now was launched by AT & T as an alternative to its more traditional DirecTV cable service in 2016, allowing users to transmit cable channels without commitment. With several package tiers, users can choose to access 45 to 125 channels via online and mobile applications.

In response to the growing demand for live streaming cable and local network options without cable commitment, Hulu, the popular on-demand streaming service, added Hulu live TV in 2017. The extended service option provides users with more than 65 cable channels and local network access, also a cloud DVR function.

Although some channel combinations or familiar titles of  Direc TV names may have some influence, in almost all categories, the scope of selection and cost performance make Hulu Live Tv a more reliable choice. They have a better understanding of the streaming media market, in addition to their unique original programs, At the same time, DirecTV still seems to be considering the expensive price and complex packaging of old cable models, if there is no cord.

Price comparison

Hulu live TV is a better choice when considering the cost. Standard Hulu + live TV starts at $44.99 per month (the starting price of free advertising for Hulu on-demand program is $50.99), including 65 basic channels, which provides more choices than DirectTV now. Also, Hulu TV includes a 7-day free trial.

DirectTV Now’s least expensive offer or package now starts at $50. After the same 7-day free trial period, although it does include HBO, there are only 45 channels in the package. For customers seeking more channel choices, there are six main packages, and the price of the final package is as high as $135 per month, including more than 125 channels.

Streaming and DVR capabilities

DirectTv Now can’t keep up with Hulu live TV in terms of streaming capabilities. Both of these services can be transmitted to two screens at the same time. However, DirectTV Now’s upgrade cost is slightly lower. It can be upgraded to three screens with an increase of $5 per month. However, Hulu live TV changed from two screens to unlimited, charging an additional $9.99 per month.

When considering options for DVR, “Hulu live TV” is far ahead of DirectTV now, which recently added cloud DVR, At present, the free storage time is limited to 20 hours (and can only save recordings for 30 days at most). The cloud DVR provided by Hulu live TV can store up to 50 hours of recordings, and the storage time can be increased to 200 hours by using the enhanced cloud DVR for an add-on ($9.99). Alternatively, at $14.99 per month, users can combine the enhanced cloud DVR with unlimited screen function.

Cable channel comparison

From the early stage, DirectTV now has more cable channel options, and cable channel packages ranging from 45 channels to 125 channels. However, if looking carefully, the choice is not very good. When we compare packages, the affordable options plus and Max do not include many popular cable networks, including BBC America, A & E, AMC, History, and Food network. Subscribers must change to the $93 package to get these. The first two lower level or tier free bonuses are not included in the higher price.

At the same time, although Hulu live TV lacks some more popular options, the most famous are BBC America, comedy center, and AMC, they have a wider range of network options in their basic 65 channel portfolio. Although Hulu lacks approximately the same number of leading basic cable networks, the overall quantity, and quality of the price balance are beneficial to Hulu.

Local TV

Although regional access may vary, it is important to check your own region before taking a final decision. In theory, Hulu live TV and DirectTV Now provide local network streaming live. Each site has a place to view your region and the main networks they host. They have established cooperative relations with ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and CW in some regions. For example, you can get four major TV stations in these two services in Baltimore, Maryland, but you can’t get CW through Hulu. And you can get CW through DirectTV Now.

However, Hulu seems to have a stronger and broader market. It is worth noting that, As of the date of writing, many ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliated television stations in some regions have not been able to watch DirectTv now recently. The provider’s parent companies AT & T and Nexstar telecommunications group (which distribute local networks in many regions) are experiencing fee disputes.

Premium channels and sports

Whether it is high-quality channels or sports services, the way to obtain high-quality services is mostly a la carte. DirectTV now offers services including premium in its first two tiers, first HBO plus $50 and HBO and Cinemax plus $70. But, high-level packages with more basic cable channels don’t have built-in premiums, so you’ll add them for $11 a month. Can add The premium (if not included) includes HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime.

Hulu has the right to choose to increase any same premium, although the price is more changeable, and get services directly from the Internet: HBO is $14.99, Cinemax is $9.99, Starz is $8.99 and Showtime is $10.99.

There are more spots options on Hulu live TV than DirectTV now, with more ESPN channels and FS2, golf and Olympic channels, and more channels do not belong to the same pricing base layer of DirectTV.

Device compatibility and user interface

Quick summary of all devices listed that are compatible with each service, but in general, are given here, DirecTV now has limited compatibility options:


  • MAC and PC
  • Roku (some models)
  • Apple TV (fourth generation)
  • Chromecast
  • Apple / IOS devices
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Amazon fire TV and stick
  • Xbox (one and 360)
  • Samsung and LG smart TV
  • Nintendo switch
  • Xiaomi mi box

DirectTV now:

  • MAC and PC – especially chrome and Safari browser Roku (select models)  
  • Apple TV (fourth generation or later) Apple / IOS devices
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Amazon fire TV and stick
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung smart TV

No matter what service you prefer, it’s best to check the device model of your preferred streaming device and check the detailed compatibility specifications. For example, many older Rokus and Apple TVs are not compatible with all newer streaming services.


Although some channel combinations or familiar DirectTV names may have some influence, in almost all categories, the scope of selection and cost performance make Hulu live tv a more reliable choice. Plus to their unique original programs, they have a good understanding of the streaming media market. At the same time, DirectTV still seems to be considering the expensive price and complex packaging of old cable models, if there is no cable.

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