3 Convenient Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

3 Convenient Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

3 Convenient Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

In today’s digital era, many individuals have access to smart devices. The most common one people have easy access to is a smartphone. Many will spend hours of their day using their smartphone. It could make work calls, message loved ones, play games, or scrolled through social media.

The average screen time for smartphones for Americans is 5.4 hours a day. It is reported that there are 294.15 million smartphone users across the states. Using social media consumes most of a person’s screen time each day.

Seeing as people spend hours of their day on their smartphones, some wonder if it is possible to make money from using their smartphones. Fortunately for them, it is possible. Here are a few convenient ways to make money with your smartphone.

Investing In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been a buzzword in recent years. It has become a popular investment choice for countless investors, both beginners and those with years of experience. One of the reasons for its success is the reports of high returns on investments people have made. These examples have perked the interest of many investors and those keen to have similar success to others hopefully.

You can conveniently buy Ethereum through platforms such as Paxful. You can buy Ethereum from their site on your smartphone and begin your journey in cryptocurrency investments. Ensure that you invest what you can afford and conduct thorough research before investing. This will help ensure that you invest in cryptocurrency as safely as possible.

Sell Old Belongings

Take a look around your home and see if any unused items are taking up space. It could be old furniture, books, and clothing that you no longer need or use. With more people choosing streaming services to consume music, television and film, countless homes across the states are filled with unused CDs and DVDs.

If your home is filled with these unused items, consider taking a few photos of them on your phone and uploading them onto an online marketplace where they can find a new home. There are also apps available on your smartphone that you can download to sell old belongings to make some additional cash. Aside from making money, you will also be making space in your home.

Take Time To Complete Surveys

For those who love to share their opinions about their experiences with a company, whether for a product they bought or a service they invested in, you will be pleased to hear this could be profitable. Survey companies will happily pay participants for completing surveys on various topics.

Some of these companies will give participants virtual points for each survey completed. The more surveys completed, the more points a person earns. These points can later be redeemed for cash or a digital gift card. Most surveys take between 5-15 minutes to complete. If you have 5-15 minutes to spare in your day and love to take surveys, you could make some extra cash to contribute to your savings. There are pros and cons to paid online surveys, so ensure you read up before diving in.

If you are looking for a few ways to boost your savings, consider some of these ways to be achieved by using your smartphone.

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