10 best Android budget apps for money management

10 best Android budget apps for money management

10 best Android budget apps for money management

Managing your money can be boring. View the following list of Android’s best budget apps and fund management apps!

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It is very important to budget your money. We live in an era of widespread subscription services. You usually have to pay the rent and utilities. In addition, money is more important now than in the past. Balanced checkbooks are outdated, but some applications can basically do the same thing faster and more efficiently. The following is the best budget application for money management (Android)! We also want to give our budget book (Google play link) an honorable mention.

The best budget apps on Android

What does the budget application do?

There are two main types of budget applications. The first is the cost tracking system. This is mainly for those who deduct a lot from taxes. Business owners who travel frequently, bloggers like us, truck drivers who track meals and mileage, and a variety of other professionals use cost tracking tools. This lets you know how much you spend on everything you need for work (and life). When the tax season comes, you have all the information you need.

Another style of budget application is what you might think of. It records your bank budget, expenses, bills, utilities, and other similar things. These are useful for tracking where your money goes so that you lose less. They are especially useful for people who manage multiple accounts and pay large bills online at the same time.

Best budget apps on Android-AndroMoney

Price: Free (including ads)

AndroMoney is one of the most popular and successful cost trackers on Google play. The application also provides cross-platform support for the web and IOS. Some of these features include multiple accounts, support for account balances and transfers, budget functions, support for multiple currencies, and backup to excel when needed. The design is surprisingly clean, and the analysis is carried out in a logical and easy-to-read manner. We also like that this is a free app. There are ads, but it’s hard to maintain your budget when you spend $100 a year on a subscription option. In any case, there is no problem with this application. It seems to work well.

Best budget apps on Android-Financial Calculators

FInancial Calculators screenshot 2019

Price: Free / $4.99

A financial calculator is an important tool for calculating future budgets. This application is essentially a collection of calculators that can help you calculate all kinds of things. For example, it has a loan calculator, so you can see what your payment and interest will look like. The app has a total of three or four dozen calculators, from buying a house to fixed and adjustable interest rates, and even a return on investment calculator. It won’t manage your money, but it will help you make fewer wrong decisions in upcoming purchases. This is one of the essential budget applications.

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Best budget apps on Android-Goodbudget

Price: Free / $6.00 per month / $50 per year

Goodbudget is a popular budget application. It has cross-platform support, so you can view it on Android, web, or IOS if you like. Everything is synchronized between these platforms. In addition, you’ll get expense tracking, revenue tracking, and other good budgeting tools. It is made of material design and looks cute. If necessary, you can also export the data to CSV files, QFX (for Quicken), and OFX (Microsoft Money). This is a simpler budget application. Some of the main features are free but the rest need a subscription.

Google Sheets

Price: Free

Apart from getting a piece of paper and writing it down, using spreadsheets is almost commonplace. Google sheets and similar applications work just as well as budget applications. Just fill in the cells with your income, expenses, and other data. Then you can see your monthly income and expenditure. Google sheets are completely free, so we recommend it. However, almost any office application (with a spreadsheet) or spreadsheet application can do this. It’s old school, but it’s much simpler. For those with high safety awareness, this is a good choice.

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Mint screenshot 2020

Price: Free

Mint is a replacement for the old application Mint bills. Both companies were developed by Intuit, which operates Turbotax. This has many characteristics. You can see everything in one place, manage your bills and money, and even pay bills if you want. Also, it will provide your credit score, remind you about upcoming bills, multifactor authentication (for security), and web applications you can use. Some people are mourning the death of the mint bill. As a result, it has received many one-star evaluations. However, it seems to have rebounded.


Price: Free / $2.50

Money is a simpler budget application. Its reputation lies in how fast it is used. The application tries to set itself up in a way that adds new data quickly and easily. It usually does quite well. In addition, you will also get various monetary support, a built-in calculator, password protection, Dropbox integration, widgets, etc. The interface needs some time to learn. But, once you start using this application, it’s really easy. You can use the link above to get the free version. The price of the professional version is $2.50.

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Money Manager

Money Manager screenshot 2021

Price: Free / $3.99

The simply named money manager is a special effect application for budget funds. It features a more intuitive experience so that you can see where your money goes, not just numbers. You will also get password lock, asset management, instant statistics, and instant bookkeeping. You can also back up and restore data in case you need to switch devices. If necessary, it will also be exported to Excel spreadsheet format. Money manage app uses Material Design which makes the UI look pretty good. Free download, professional version for $3.99. If you subscribe to Google play pass, you can also use this application for free.

My Budget Book

My Budget Book screenshot

Price: $2.99

My budget book is a serious application. It has various fine details and allows you to set restrictions by category. Therefore, you can decide how much you spend on clothes, entertainment, etc. In addition, it has 100% offline support, no advertising, no in-app purchase, theme, and material design interface. The whole system is highly customizable, so it is powerful. You can also export to HTML or CSV. It doesn’t have common advanced features like cross-platform support, but it doesn’t really need it. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay the fee in advance.

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My Finances

Price: Free with in-app purchases

My finance is a better budget application. In addition to common features, you can manage multiple accounts, plan future expenses, and even view a complete history of your operations. It is packaged in a colorful material design interface. It is customizable and allows repetitive expenses (such as bills). This means that setup takes a little time, but it should track almost everything. In addition, the application is still in development. Developers have promised to synchronize across devices in future updates.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

The Wallet is a mission app. Its purpose is to help you control your chaotic financial situation as soon as possible. Like many banks, it synchronizes your balances and transactions with the actual bank. It also has account sharing, so you can share it with your important others, accountants, or anyone else. It also supports multiple currencies, cloud synchronization, warranty tracking, templates, shopping lists, and can be exported to various file types. All this completes the material design interface. At least it’s worth seeing.

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Your banking app

Chase Mobile screenshot 2019

Price: Free (usually)

Your banking application is actually a pretty good budget application. You can view your balance, recent transactions, online payment bills, transfers, etc. Some banks have more characteristics than others. However, they usually master the basic knowledge correctly. Those who only need basic budgeting tools usually only need their banking application. Many credit card companies also have official applications that you can use just like banking applications. Official banking applications often also have the ability to automatically pay bills, Download bank statements, and do other things you may need, especially during the tax season.

If we missed any of the best budget apps, please let us know ! To see a complete list of the best applications, click here.

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