Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

In this article, we are going to discuss the best car insurance companies for 2021. These are Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for2021.

Erie Insurance provides only in the Mid-Atlantic, North Central, and Southeast regions of the US. And it’s only for active-duty military, veterans, and their family members.

State law needs minimum liability insurance and requirement which is different according to your state. Moreover, insurance amounts may vary with your age, gender, credit score, driving history and many more facts.

Thus to obtain the best car insurance coverage, you must search around to select the perfect price for you.

GEICO (Best affordable)


GEICO will provide you with the cheapest coverage for US residences. If you are searching for a low cost one GEICO is the best suited for you.

  •  Average price of coverage for adult driver: $1,298 per annum.
  • It named as one of the top best insurances for customer satisfaction by J.D Power and Associates, in 2020 Auto Claims Satisfaction survey.
  • Help for the drivers who has low credit score and more frequently provide low premiums.

Erie Insurance (Best low-cost runner up)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

Erie is ranked as the runner-up for the best low-cost car insurance out of all the other insurance companies. They are in 12 states (in the mid-Atlantic, north-central, and southeast regions of the US). This insurance is famous for its low cost and good service.

  • They will charge average cost of $1,521 for a coverage of an adult driver.
  • In J.D.Power and Associates’ 2020Auto Claims Satisfaction survey, together with GEICO it was ranked as one of the best insurance in customer service among the top three .

USAA (Perfect for military)


USAA is only for active-duty military, veterans, and their families. In many states, this insurance is the best low-cost car insurance, provider.

  • For a typical adult driver, the average cost of coverage per annum is $1152
  • USAA is recognized as one of the best insurances in administrating customer claims well and they also provide most of the competitive instalments in the car insurance field.

GEICO (Perfect for low credit drivers)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

If you have a very low credit score (a FICO score of 300-579), join with GEICO car insurance which is best for you.

  • Average instalment for bad credit driver is $2448
  • Usually drivers with bad score are more likely to pay the greater part of car insurance coverage. But in three states – California , Massachusetts and Hawaii have restricted to decide the insurance cost according to the credit score.

State Farm (Perfect for DUI)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

Normally with a DUI on your record, your car insurance cost is more likely to increase up to 80%. But State Farm’s coverage will only increase by 38% after a DUI.

  • The average charge for a coverage with the DUI in your record is $1,633 per annum.

Erie Insurance (Perfect for young drivers)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

Erie insurance is obtainable in only 12 states, in the mid-Atlantic, north-central, and southeast regions of the US. They will give good average rates for young drivers.

  • Average car insurance rate for a young driver is $ 2,532 for annum
  • Mercury insurance gives a coverage under $3,000 per annum for a teen driver in the west and on the west coast.

Nationwide (Perfect for senior drivers)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

For senior drivers, this is the cheapest car insurance. But for eligible seniors, there is a good chance of having even less cost for coverage in USAA if they are veterans.

  • Cost of a car insurance coverage for a single adult over age 60 is $986 per annum.

Erie Insurance (Perfect for accidents on record)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

Erie Insurance is available in 12 states in the mid-Atlantic, north-central, and southeast regions of the US

  • Average cost for a coverage with a one accident on your record is $1,924 per annum.

Erie Insurance (Best for complete coverage)

Top-ranked low-cost car insurance companies for 2021

You must pay an extra amount for full coverage auto insurance, which includes rental car compensation. Erie is the most affordable option, but it is only available in 12 states in the mid-Atlantic, north-central, and southeast regions of the US.

  • The average cost of a full coverage car insurance is $1,521 per annum.

Top ranked car insurance which offers best customer satisfaction

When you select car insurance you will give a priority for the car insurance with good customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction targets five main factors.

They are;

  1. Billing method and policy information
  2. Claims on car insurance
  3. Communication with the customer
  4. Policy contribution
  5. Cost

Below listed insurance companies are the perfect companies for each US region based on customer rankings of the J.D. Power Survey.

RegionBest car insurance company 
California Wawanesa (for a second consecutive year)
Central states (AR, IA, MN, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD)Shelter Insurance
FloridaState Farm
Mid-Atlantic (DE, DC, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WV)NJM Insurance
New England (CT, Maine, MA, NH, RI, VT)Amica Mutual (for a ninth consecutive year)
New YorkState Farm (for a second consecutive year)
North Central (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI)Erie Insurance
Northwest (ID, MT, OR, WA, WY)State Farm
Southeast (AL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN)Farm Bureau Insurance – TN (for a tenth consecutive year)
Southwest  (AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT)American Family (for a second consecutive year)
TexasTexas Farm Bureau (for a tenth consecutive year)

Perfect car insurance considering claim satisfaction

Claim satisfaction refers to the opinion of the customer about how the insurance company handle claims and solve them.

According to the 1000-point scale, J.D Power rankings are given below.

  1. NJM Insurance (909)
  2. Amica Mutual (907)
  3. Auto-Owners (890) and USAA* 
  4. The Hartford (888)
  5. MetLife (886)
  6. State Farm (881)
  7. Erie Insurance (880)
  8. Allstate (876)
  9. Nationwide (876)
  10. Farmers (872)
  11.  Industry Average (872)
  12. Esurance (871)
  13. GEICO (871)
  14. Safeco (870)
  15. Liberty Mutual (867)
  16. Auto Club So. California (866)
  17. Country Financial (863)
  18. American Family (862)
  19. CSAA (862)
  20. Travelers (861)
  21. Auto Club Group (858)
  22. Progressive (856)
  23. Mercury (849)
  24. MAPFRE (844)
  25. National General (815)

As the USAA is only for military and veterans, it’s not on the list. If it includes, it will take the third position.

Frequently asked questions

How we select the best car insurance companies for 2021?

We sort out the largest insurers or those who got the highest direct instalments in 2017 according to the results of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) considering the market share percentage. Insider compiled data on large insurance companies, comprising data on rates are determined by Value Penguin, NerdWallet, The zebra and

Later the data was arranged with five common coverage sides, including coverage for a young driver, a driver with lower credit, a driver with DUI, a drier with an accident on their record and people who are finding extra coverage. Then at last we calculated the data to find the best insurance company under each category.

 Finally, to select the best whole coverage, Insider collected overall average premium data. Then consider all the companies, we find the one available nationwide and the one with the best priced.  More data was gathered based on customer satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates.

How can we find the best car insurance rates suits for us?

Everyone has a different car insurance rate as there are a lot of factors to consider in pricing premiums. Every car insurance will use different factors and calculate them in different ways. So the best method to select the most suitable one for you is to find the quotes from different insurance companies and compare them.

For the comparison to choose the best insurance company for you can determine using these factors such as compare the coverage types, limits, and deductible or the amount you have to pay if you get into an accident.  The policies including cheap coverage, highest coverage form and limits and the lowest deductible are the best go for you.

Who are the providers of cheapest auto insurance?

According to the Insider’s research GEICO is the best most affordable car insurance in 2021, while Erie Insurance takes second place. Anyway, the cheapest car insurance may differ from one person to the other. Before choosing an insurance policy, find some quotes from different companies and make sure that your selection is best suited for you.

 What is the top ranked car insurance company for claim satisfaction?

According to the information of J.D.Power and Associates on customer satisfaction, NJM Insurance and Amica Mutual is the top-ranked one. And also this investigation is done using 11,000 auto insurance customers who completed a claim between early 2018 and mid-2019.

Which is better from Progressive and GEICO?

There are lots of talks about these two but according to insider’s calculation s, GEICO is the best. For both value and customer service, GEICO is the best, and top-ranked one. But it’s better to find quotes from both and compare the difference to see which one is the best.

What’s the perfect car insurance for students?

 When we consider the details of Insider’s research, Erie Insurance is the best insurance company for teens and new drivers.

The best way to save more from car insurance for teens and young adult drivers is to join a family policy. According to the report by The Balance, if you have a family insurance policy your instalment will be around 20% lower than having a separate plan. If there is a family plan option, it is best for teen drivers.

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