The Right Internet Connection for Your Meetings

The Right Internet Connection for Your Meetings

The Right Internet Connection for Your Meetings

Are you a millennial? You would surely remember the good old LAN cable internet where we used to get access to the internet by connecting a phone line. But the drawback was that people had to choose between using their phone lines or being online over the internet. Every time you would connect to the internet, it would create loud beeps for the first few minutes while you impatiently stared at the screen, waiting for the internet to connect. 

Thanks to the constant evolvement of technology over the past years, the connections that took minutes before, now take merely a few seconds. 

Earlier in the day, our everyday office meetings would be all about one person creating a PowerPoint presentation that used to be downloaded on the presenter’s computer. It would be displayed on the TV in the meeting room where the meeting members would address it. 

But have you noticed that transition from just a PowerPoint file to how exciting and engaging the presentations of today have become? Let’s be grateful to various software, devices, and a million apps that make meetings far more interactive and accessible. But unfortunately, the equipment and network you need to lead those meetings can be disrupted due to internet connection instability. 

Here’s How

Online meetings today have become a combination of tangible and digital elements, ever since the advent of working from home or remotely. In such a situation, it affects the smoothness of the meeting. All the necessary devices like earphones and webcams are required to attend the meeting. For everything to run smoothly, a stable and fast internet connection is the most important thing needed, that lets you hold an online meeting without any interruptions or lags. 

Every time the internet connection lags, it creates bumpy changes in between your presentation that causes a delay and the attendees to wait for the next topic to be addressed. 

Work meetings are a combined effort where multiple people collaborate on not only making the presentations but also adding suitable content, making changes, and reviewing documents in real time. Applications like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet allow attendees of the meeting to write messages individually or to all the members if any changes or suggestions are required for the meeting. This can only be done if not only the presenter in the meeting but every attendee has a stable connection to be able to alter any required changes and chat in real-time as well. In the absence of a fast internet connection, meeting attendees and contributors may accidentally delete or overwrite work done by the contributors. 

Before overthinking, let’s first find out how much internet speed you require where you plan to head or attend a work meeting. 

How Much Speed Do I Need?

Let’s be honest; a lousy internet connection affects your productivity levels, right? But installing the right connection helps eliminate any problem that might hinder your performance during the meeting. Ask yourself questions like; 

  1. Am I the only one in the meeting space to attend the meeting, or are there more people? 
  2. Would a WiFi connection be okay, or should I connect the Ethernet cable? 
  3. Are the meeting attendees connecting their laptops to the internet or their phones and other devices as well?
  4. Are there other meetings also being held on the same network? 

All the answers to these questions will help you better understand how much speed you need according to your meeting requirements. 

If you are the only one attending the online meeting with your supervisor or manager, you would require not more than 3 Mbps of internet speed at both ends for all the video functions to run properly. The more programs or apps you use at the same time, the more speed you would need. 

Every time you wish to lead a meeting, make sure to provide a wired connection to all the attendees of the meeting to connect to their devices. It is undoubtedly the fastest and the most stable type of connection you can get. If an Ethernet cable isn’t available, try installing a WiFi extender, as it amplifies the signals before transmitting the boosted ones. It can also help watch uninterrupted click here   for DirectTv services for streaming over 200 live channels. 

Sum Up

A faster, more stable internet connection from AT&T internet not only allows you to have seamless connectivity but an uninterrupted meeting session between you and your teammates. It does not let you waste any time and create hindrance between meetings but increases productivity levels, making it a fruitful experience. The right internet connection helps you finish multiple tasks at their respective times rather than getting delayed later. If tasks are done timely, it increases and improves business processes simultaneously, allowing them to benefit from cloud-based applications.

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