Common Struggles Every College Student Faces

Common Struggles Every College Student Faces

Common Struggles Every College Student Faces

When you transition from high school to college, it will not be unusual to struggle in a few areas of your life. Fortunately, you won’t be alone since there are numerous things all college students struggle with at one time or another. If you are wondering what are some problems you can expect when starting college, here are some to keep in mind.

Time Management

Even if you were a straight-A student in high school, college might be a big wake-up call in terms of just how much work you will need to put in for each of your classes. As a result, you may be like many other college students and struggle with time management now and then. To minimize this, you should always consider how many credits you are taking per semester. While 15 is the average, some students choose to take 18-21 credits in a semester. Before you finalize your class schedule, be realistic about how much you can handle.

Student Loan and Credit Card Debt

To even get to college, you probably had to do like many of your fellow students and take out expensive student loans. While you may not have to start repaying them until you finish school, this is something that will definitely weigh on your mind. Also, since credit card companies cannot wait to get their cards into the hands of college students, you may have accumulated more debt than you realized by using your new credit card. If you choose to have a credit card, stick to a monthly budget and use it wisely.

Being Homesick

If you went to a school far away from where you lived or are attending a nearby school but have chosen to live off-campus in McKinney, TX luxury apartments such as Luxia Craig Ranch, chances are you are dealing with regular bouts of homesickness now and then. This is quite common for college students and is certainly nothing for which you should be embarrassed. To help with this problem, remember that your family is just a phone call away. Also, you can communicate via Zoom or social media. Should you live close to home, keep in mind that your mom and dad would probably not mind if you stopped by once in a while to say hello.

Trying to Do Too Much

When you start college, you may think you can do it all in terms of handling a heavy class load, a part-time job, extracurricular activities, and perhaps even a relationship with a significant other. Unfortunately, reality will probably set in at some point, helping you realize you may need to cut back a bit here and there. To do so, you may need to reduce the number of hours you are working at your job or maybe even have one or two fewer dates each week with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Too Many Parties

If you have some friends on campus, there is no doubt they are inviting you to one party after another. While there is nothing wrong with going to a party, many college students find this can be too much of a good thing. Unfortunately, some students get involved with drugs or alcohol through the parties they attend. If this gets out of control, you could find yourself with a substance abuse problem or, at the least, lower grades. Therefore, it’s best to pick your parties and with whom you party wisely.


Though many college students won’t admit it, depression is a problem encountered by almost all college students at some point or another while in school. Whether it is feeling overwhelmed by the academic workload, having problems making new friends, or having a relationship come to an unexpected end, don’t be surprised if you have a bout or two with anxiety or depression. If you do and you feel as if it is impacting you more than you would like, seek out help from your school’s mental health center.

When dealing with any of these common struggles, remember that there are plenty of other students on campus who are in the same predicament. By taking steps to solve your problem, college can once again be all that you imagined.

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